poetry “Wedding Night”


You took me by surprise

Coming from behind

Arms around my waist

A devilish grin

You pulled me in

I love your warm embrace

A gentle kiss

I feel the stubble

Just below your lips

Hugging me

Pulling me

Tugging at my hips

A little lick

You take a nip

Breathing on my neck

Weakening knees

Hard to think

Fully we connect

A simple touch

Can say so much

You’re always in my head


A whisper

Follow me to bed

I take your hand

Fall in line

A kiss along the way

A playful glance

We start to dance

Nothing more to say



Intoxicating scents


Wedding rings

Never feeling tense

Very plush

A kiss to hush

Sheets beneath my flesh

Entangled arms

You start to charm

You take away my breath

A little moan

A simple groan

Your name is just a stutter

Strongly grasp

A look that last

Bodies start to shudder



Holding onto you

Special day

A perfect night

All because “I do”

poetry “Pigtails ~A Harley Story”


You can call me Harley

Wont you take me for a drive?

Turn the key, start the engine

Make me come alive


Grab on to my handlebars

Turn me nice and slow

Control is in your hands baby

Make this engine blow


The road is ahead of you

Open me real wide

For when you reach that tunnel

You’ll be happy you’re inside


Make my motor hum

With a turn of the wrist

Rev me baby,  Rev me

Just one more twist


Drive baby


poetry “Scent of a Man”



The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

And I wonder my dear
will you think of me by my scent in your beard

Will you remember the feel of my breath in your ear

I will think of you
our passion and heat

Will you think of me
on our crumpled up sheets

I will think of you
all the things that I miss

The taste of my arousal
when I kissed your lips

Will you think of me
and our sensual bliss

Will you think of me my dear
nothing on
completely bare

The way you caressed my neck
pulled my hair

I will think of you
the way you touched my breast

Will you think of me
head resting on your chest

I will think of you
my nails in your flesh

Will you think of me and stealing my breath

The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

I could breathe you in all day and night

I will think of you my dear
come back home
I’m here

poetry “If I had a Penis”


If I had a dick…it would be my best friend
Hell!…I would have it out every now an again

I would love it, and hug it, and call it George
Most likely become my own personal whore

I wouldn’t mind a little slap and tickle
Taking advantage of my new found pickle

I would call it my shaft, my rod, or pole
Bend it to reach…my own asshole

“Ha, Ha,” you say? Well then you have heard nothin’
Damn right! I’d try to fuck…my own belly button

I would jerk it, stroke it, play all day
Twist it, turn it, and pound away

I would oil it up, then yank on it dry
Fuck if I know, unless I try

I would find things daily that I could fuck
Keep looking in the mirror just to see it tucked

Suck it for sure…I’d have to try that
And if I can’t.. Well?…I have a cat

Okay. I admit, that was just wrong
But what do you do, with a new found schlong?

Like a monkey, I would pull and tug
Shit! I’d use it…to swat fucking bugs

Oh! Now you think that it’s getting bizarre
What?.. Like…up till now it’s been good so far?

I don’t mean to be so blunt
But sometimes it’s boring just having a cunt

A male friend of mine, wrote the following poem about having a cunt–enjoy 🙂

If I had a cunt, I’d change it’s sweet name,
Whenever I could I’d comfort it’s shame.

Call it sweet Lily or Mamma’s delight,
Give it my blessings each day and all night.

Walk around bowlegged because I’d be sore,
That sweet vag would be my personal whore.

I’d spoil it, oil it, and treat it just right,
Do lots of Kegals, keep my coochy tight.

Hot box, or squeeze box, my own honey pot,
Lick fingers, tangy from tickling my twat.

I’d plant my secret garden, keep it wet,
Tickle that bean, work the row till I sweat.

Once in a while I’d give kitty a treat,
Feed her some hot cream from pulsing man meat.

I’d let girlfriends cum and play in my pond,
Trap lots of beaver, vibrate magic wand.

Never be selfish, share all my toys,
We’d share good vibrations and bath time joys.

Lick it and pet it, show me your new stunt,
Never forget, only I call it cunt.

poetry “3 a.m.”


Once, just strangers in the night
Passer-byes, some would say
A one time chance encounter
I find my solace in you
We share in a silent reprieve
Like secret lovers from dusk till dawn
Seeking your arrival each passing hour
You are my comfort
I long to embrace you
My place to be free
Come now
The goose down awaits

poetry “My Masters Hands”


The drumming of the burning beast
Pounding against my chest

Bu Bump

Anticipating all those things
………That only you do best

Bu Bump

Your intense teasing

Sure warrants my heavy, heavy breathing

………The heaving of my breast

Bu Bump

Your fingertips trail everywhere

Taking their sweet, sweet time
…..Along my hips and down my spine

Bu Bump

Ohhhh…how they like to play
……Opening me
For your display

Bu Bump

For I love the way your hand does splay

Bu Bump

The stinging flame of your leather belt

….The way you caress
And Sooth each welt

The pleasure
The pain
That you have dealt

Ecstasy ,yes ecstasy

Is all I felt

Bu Bump

The drumming of the burning beast

Needs to be released

Consume me
Un-cage me

Take me as your feast

Bu Bump

poetry “Mr. Little”

Mr. Little

He’s got a tiny penis
Behind his button flies
I needed an exam
Just to check my fucking eyes

I won’t be your vessel
A place to dip your wick
I saw you taking notes
With your little pencil dick

A girl would need some pliers
To try and gain a grip
Even if I tried to suck it
It wouldn’t reach my lips

Shaving didn’t help you
You need something in it place
I would try to grow some balls
To fill that empty space

Having a small dick
That’s for virgins and the like
But I’m a real woman
I need more than just a bite

poetry “Fellatio”



The way you lick my lips
Taking sensual nips
Pulling at my hips
Having the control you need
You grab me
Tease me
Take the lead
Do with me as you please
Imploring me to taste you
To lick the sweet, dewy bead
You bring the dirty to my knees
“Open wide” you say
“Take it all the way”
I give you what you ask for
Never question what you say
Vibrating a hum through my mouth
To the tip of my tongue
You pull me
Push me
Remove the air from my lungs
I move harder

You come undone

poetry “Toxic Waters”

The torment in the depth of your soul
It runs deeper than the abyss
I want nothing more than to release the demons caught in your net
This dark place has become a pool of comfort for you
You’ve got your hold on me, I can’t see.
I know if we come up together, the air is what we need
I try to lead you there. I try
Instead you pull me under with you
I fight to escape
I’m fighting for air, fighting to breathe, fighting to live…to be free
I’m in too deep
You take my last breath

poetry “The Life, My Life, My Love”

You are my husband

My man
My lover
My best friend
My everything

My go to person
Partner in crime
Shoulder to cry on

You put me on a pedestal
but keep me grounded

You give me highs
and accept my lows

You fill my days with laughter
my heart with love
and my hugs with open arms

You give me those stolen moments in time
You are an amazing thief

You keep me looking forward
You save me everyday from an empty future

You give me reason to breathe
yet you take my breath away

You make my heart beat
but more importantly
You make my heart stop

You own me
My body
My soul

You can’t take it from me
You would never try
I give it to you
I trust you
With every part of me

You are my husband

My life

The better half of me

poetry “Edible”


You are…

Delicious, tender, and yet so sweet

My addiction
Tasty little treat

I grow hungry and hungrier
Each passing hour

Every bite you offer
I take
I devour

Each morsel you tempt with
I take time to savor

You fill me with delight
and incredible flavors

You are the flesh on my plate

The ache to my groin

I want to call you Master

But you prefer….
Sir Loin

poetry “Right in Front of You”


I met her once, long ago

….I told her she couldn’t stay

Dismissed her even. Said good bye

…And went about my way

Continued living every day

…Believing I knew best

Was tossed many challenges

…Each day a brand new test

Many years have come and gone

…Since the first time that we met

My life has been so very tough

…And filled with such regret

I think she must of seen my pain

…It would only take a glance

She thankfully came back to me

…Offered a second chance

Going on, she did explain

…The test she threw my way

Then she told me she was sorry

…For she grew angry that first day

Not once in all her time here

…Since the day that she was born

Had anyone declined her help

…She needed time to morn

Anger got the best of her

…She didn’t mean the harm

She cried for what she did to me

…I wrapped her in my arms

If I had known that first day

…Many years and years ago

The pain I could of spared us both

….I would have said hello

poetry “Why Guys Should Watch Porn Alone”








There’s a reason that us women
Probably shouldn’t watch porn
Judgmental little bitches
That is how we were born

While your kissing me along my neck
This is what I think
This isn’t Hi-Def
And the quality fucking stinks

What’s that thing on her ass?
A pimple, or a mole?
What’s that guy doing?
That’s the wrong hole!

And look at those boobs
Clearly, they are fake
Does she do this for the money?
How much can she make?

Look at all that make up
Running down her face
Even in her corset
There’s a hole in the lace

Don’t get me started
On the leading man
You can see the streaks
In his fake orange tan

He has way too much hair
And not just on his chest
Can’t believe she screaming
“You’re the best, you’re the best”

Before you ask your girlfriend
To go along with the flow
Consult with your hand
And star in your own show

The last thing to know
To fluff before the deed
The best kind of porn for us
Is the kind we read

poetry “Seduce”


Entering the room

  Smug look…plastered on your face
     Demeanor…like you own the place
Disliking what I see
  Arrogance…your clothing of choice
     Confusion…over why I’m left moist
Following closely behind 
  Her arms…around your waist
     Whispering…go ahead…take a taste
She reaches towards me
  Toying…with each emotion
     Intoxicating…with her potion
Body betraying 
  Resisting…the closer she comes
     Inhibitions…are undone
Introduce this conflicting desire
  Wanting nothing more…than to hate
     She plays with me…this bitch called Fate