poetry “Right in Front of You”


I met her once, long ago

….I told her she couldn’t stay

Dismissed her even. Said good bye

…And went about my way

Continued living every day

…Believing I knew best

Was tossed many challenges

…Each day a brand new test

Many years have come and gone

…Since the first time that we met

My life has been so very tough

…And filled with such regret

I think she must of seen my pain

…It would only take a glance

She thankfully came back to me

…Offered a second chance

Going on, she did explain

…The test she threw my way

Then she told me she was sorry

…For she grew angry that first day

Not once in all her time here

…Since the day that she was born

Had anyone declined her help

…She needed time to morn

Anger got the best of her

…She didn’t mean the harm

She cried for what she did to me

…I wrapped her in my arms

If I had known that first day

…Many years and years ago

The pain I could of spared us both

….I would have said hello


Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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