poetry “The Life, My Life, My Love”

You are my husband

My man
My lover
My best friend
My everything

My go to person
Partner in crime
Shoulder to cry on

You put me on a pedestal
but keep me grounded

You give me highs
and accept my lows

You fill my days with laughter
my heart with love
and my hugs with open arms

You give me those stolen moments in time
You are an amazing thief

You keep me looking forward
You save me everyday from an empty future

You give me reason to breathe
yet you take my breath away

You make my heart beat
but more importantly
You make my heart stop

You own me
My body
My soul

You can’t take it from me
You would never try
I give it to you
I trust you
With every part of me

You are my husband

My life

The better half of me


Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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