poetry “Wedding Night”


You took me by surprise

Coming from behind

Arms around my waist

A devilish grin

You pulled me in

I love your warm embrace

A gentle kiss

I feel the stubble

Just below your lips

Hugging me

Pulling me

Tugging at my hips

A little lick

You take a nip

Breathing on my neck

Weakening knees

Hard to think

Fully we connect

A simple touch

Can say so much

You’re always in my head


A whisper

Follow me to bed

I take your hand

Fall in line

A kiss along the way

A playful glance

We start to dance

Nothing more to say



Intoxicating scents


Wedding rings

Never feeling tense

Very plush

A kiss to hush

Sheets beneath my flesh

Entangled arms

You start to charm

You take away my breath

A little moan

A simple groan

Your name is just a stutter

Strongly grasp

A look that last

Bodies start to shudder



Holding onto you

Special day

A perfect night

All because “I do”


Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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