poetry “Land of The Lost – Where the Gentlemen Live”


In a place long forgotten

Far, far away

Men are true

And live that way

The gentlemen there

Are born and bred

They admire your vision

But cherish your head

A land of respect

And values so high

Where morals have meaning

And ethics don’t die

It’s a place, that all men

Undoubtedly should explore

Where men are real men

And know to adore

Shaped and molded

From a different cast

Where promises are made

And made to last

Where doors are magically

Always held open

And words like “I love you”

Are easily spoken

They laugh at your jokes

They play and they tease

Make your heart patter

And weaken your knees

Where did I meet

My hubby you say?

He came from a place

Far, far away


Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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