poetry “Antagonize”









I may have been a bad, bad girl
Perhaps, some would say
Even provoked it
With all my chastising
Taunting and teasing
Challenging your smarts
Your wit
I know they were set
Set in stone
Like mortar
I defied the rules
Tossed them aside
Stomped on them
With my Louis Vuitton shoes
You so graciously bought for me
I acted out of line
Made you a fool
If I could make a suggestion or two
Perhaps for punishment
A good tongue lashing will do
Maybe sent to my knees
To pray for forgiveness
I have more than a mouthful to say
Stand me in the corner
In front of a mirror
So I can watch my reflection
Snickering at me
For the accomplishment
She achieved
A secret we keep
A switch across the cheek
Maybe a few more
Drive this lesson home
I haven’t paid for my sins
Not even close
Reprimand me
I deserve what you see fit
After all
I did ask for it
Begged for it
Longed for it
Want it
Need it
A pinch on the thigh
A pull of the braid
My actions were in fact
Heavily weighed
I’m not afraid
I will take what you give
Please give me more than I can take
I’ll take all of it
Yes, it’s wrong
To be so defiant
I know it
Accept it
I don’t want to be right
Don’t treat me fair
Be cruel
I’ll do what you please
Just please don’t stop
Punish me
So that I can learn
Learn from my mistakes
So I know
Know what it takes
To break your rules
To play you
Have you play me
I need to understand
So that next time
I get it right
Teach me again
To beg
To plead
To pick this fight


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