poetry “The Other Side of the Rainbow”


~The Other Side of the Rainbow ~

If you haven’t been there yet

Start planning now

The line goes out the goddamn door

Where dreams are a farce and hopes are shattered

No fucking puppy dogs allowed

And you can leave your optimistic

Lemon drop

Lollipop shit

At home

You just need to find a way

Around all the flowery fluff and flashy sights

Make your way up two flights

Where the drinks are served in dirty cups

And no one gives a flying fuck

Take off your rose colored glasses and open those eyes

The people here, don’t make you feel little

They make you feel nothing

Like a heavy weight

Sucking the air out of your lungs, kind of nothing

They won’t even notice you

I wear my vice proudly like a mane

Used to intimidate

Ready to pounce

And claw

Ready to eat

I don’t want your pity

I’m here to forget

Like some mindless bimbo

Shit for brains

Looking for a fix

You think you could bring me home?

I’m not looking for any tricks

I don’t need a miracle tonight

But it will take more than three pumps

To bring me

Where I want to go

Willing to make a trade?

Maybe slip into my ruby paradise

And take me for a walk around the block

Get me out of this bubble

Of delusion

Before I pop

Beyond the heavy drapes of my emotions

Let’s go a few miles and get lost

Down the golden path of self destruction

On the corner of ‘Gone’ and ‘No Turning Back’

With the brick against my back

Get your fingers skipping

My juices flowing

And don’t forget the armour

No time for doubt or second thoughts

No love

No heart

Just get me high

Off the ground

Like a drug

Fulfilling my opium dreams

I need to be spun

With your evil sinister ways

Where the heat of your penetrating touch

Will leave me in a puddle of regret

Never waking

From this coma I call life


Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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