What’s in a word?

It’s hard to write erotic stories and poems when you have children.  Mostly because they seem to ruin certain words and phrases that you would typically use for erotic writings.  Some phrases I try not to say to my kids anymore, because when I do, I feel so wrong.

-You are such a naughty girl!

-Bad girl!

-Don’t be so fresh!

-Blow on it.

-Lick it clean.

-Want me to spank you?

-Why is that so hard?

-Give it to her!

-Pet the kitty.


-Let me kiss it.

-Does that feel good?

-Let me smell it

(no, I’m kidding about that last one,

you don’t want to ‘smell’ anything in erotica

unless it’s like candles or something good)


That’s just to name a few.


“Type hard! Like you mean it!”


Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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