poetry “A Self Portrait of Me, Myself and I”


In the mirror, here is what I see

Pretty good looking girl looking back at me

Conceited? you might say, but I think not

But truth be told, I’m F-N’ hot!

Can’t stop laughing at the thought

Mouth typically open with foot caught

Pouty lips beneath Monroe dot

Chestnut hair, some black like night

A few plucked greys, and pulled out whites

Frown lines form at the unflattering sight

Long and soft with some loose curls

Hanging down, they reach the girls

Mix of hues and shades that swirl

Light brown eyes that capture the sun

Few crows feet but still look young

Heavy lids, yet I don’t look strung

Makeup always, it’s a must

Worn all day from dawn to dusk

Accentuating eyes that speak of trust

My nose is normal, about the right size

Seated centered beneath my eyes

It doesn’t grow, the truth, no lies

My mind is a house that’s always cluttered

Un-shut windows with open shutters

I try to stay focused but I live in the gutter

A smaller package at five foot two

Petite frame with good sized boobs

But still insecure, it’s sad but true

Overall I’m happy with the things I see

I never really stopped to just look at me

But I think I’m alright and my husband agrees


Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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