poetry “Poker Peepshow”

poker peepshow

The private dancing, backroom type of club


Dirty martini, two olives, straight up


A game of poker, some sleight of hand


Room filled with liars and cheaters


A full house


Suits and ties with acquired taste


Scantily clad and Chantilly lace


A Gentlemen’s club with none to spare


Open box of Gurkha Black Dragons


The stench filling the air


The stakes are high


Heated testosterone rush


Hungarian skin for all to touch


Arousing both curious peaks


With deuces in hand


Straddling bets before you see


A ballsy wager


Holding bottom pair


A vision of ecstasy


Bending on knees


Four of a kind




A game of heads-up


Placing the blind


No limping in with this hand in play


I call


You raise


Alluring and tempting to go all in


Stack my chips


The house takes its rake


First the flop


Anticipate the turn


Down the wet river you go


If you have to leave on the bubble


What better way to end the series


Than to have the release


That’s worth at least double

Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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