poetry “-Deep- Thoughts”


deep thoughts

My imagination and I

We are pretty close friends

His naughty ink flows through my pen


Dirty thoughts he feeds my mind

Pushing them

Thrusting them

Deep inside


Creative juices start to flow

Encouraging to suck

and slowly blow

The smoke that forms with spinning gears

To savor


and taste my fears


He leaves no option to play fair

He can be cruel

but I don’t care


He makes me laugh

at disgusting jokes

It causes me to gag and choke


I hear him at the back of my head

He makes me blush ten shades of red


On my tongue

just at the tip

The words he laid

begin to drip


Always around

He’s here to stay

I love it when he comes to play



Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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