poetry “Fuck Me! ~ Mature Conversation”


“What do you want?” you ask

“ladies choice”

that ‘is’ always the case

but I don’t want to be a lady

I want to lose my voice


no need for you to speak

wait till I’m through

I’m tired of nice  

of being….’made love’ to


there are times when days are rough

or when all hell breaks loose

when the only thing I need

is to be fucked by you


everything you give

has always been great

no different tonight

I just have particular taste


give me a hard time

like you did the other day

a little forceful play

while I try to resist

bound and cuffed

tied at the wrist


push me around

I’ll pay my fees

pull me down

knock me to my knees


get your hands in my hair

I just want to give

I need to be lost

to feel like I’ve lived


don’t be selfish

you haven’t so far

come take a taste

of how I get when you’re hard


while my hands are still bound

and stretched over my head

grab me

grip my thighs

and force me to spread


with fingers inside

and your tongue on the way

don’t stop or quit

just treat me like prey


come find my mouth

crash into my lips

a rough and passionate kind of kiss


when you’re finished the tease

bend me over the bed

so you can give it all to me

make me plead and beg


put your hands around my neck

when you’re grabbing from the back

pull me into you tight

offering no slack


and when you’re ready to give

give me ‘all’ you can give

I want to feel your grip

when I’m ready to drip

till my breaths are done

and I’m ready to cum


that’s what I want

what I want to do

no being ‘made love’ to


because tonight

all I want

is to be completely fucked by you



Be daring! Go all the way. Tell me....was it good for you?

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