poetry “Spank Me”

Spank Me

I do it because he enjoys it

when I’ve done something bad

But I’m not going to lie

I love it when I make him mad

From the way he makes me crawl over

and lay across his lap

To the way he makes me count out

every single stinging slap

He likes to linger and wait

and as my fear just starts to pass

without warning

his hand quickly lifts

and spanks against my ass

Beneath each painful bite

I wipe the tears from my smokey eyes

And then I smile

just to myself

as his cock begins to rise

Once I’ve learned all the lessons taught

and he’s had his share of fun

Rounding out his punishment

he says I’m not allowed to cum

But I can’t help to be turned on

when he fucks me like his whore


worse thing that could happen

is I’d just get punished more


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