poetry ~ Rain ~



I’m sure there was more to it

as I glance back to that moment

when my mind and body decided to do their own thing


I remember the drive like it was yesterday

drops of water pelted against the windshield

sounds of swooshing from the blades


on the way

I had my doubts

an affair was never my plan

but there I sat


minutes passed

I meant to drive away


I was contemplating my next move

knowing nothing was right about what I wanted to do

but before I had the chance to go

you met me halfway


soaking wet

you were drenched

in summer scents

it didn’t matter what was said

the visions I had of us in my head

already crossed that line and instead

of turning back down the lane

we kissed


you smelled like rain

on a warm sunny day

your white cotton tee


exposing every ripple underneath

leading me to that V

cut just above your jeans

even though it wasn’t right

I had no will

or desire to fight

I peeled back every layer

every thread

towards the house

up each tread

in your bed


It was too good

to be wrong

that is how I sing the song

when people asked why I caused

‘him’ so much pain

I simply say

I couldn’t resist

you smelled like summer rain




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