I’m on Instagram!


I know what you’re thinking. One more thing that Dye won’t keep up with. Well, I hate to tell you you’re right, but…yeah, you’re probably right. Let’s face it, I suck at social media. I’m trying to be better about it though.  So give me a follow if you wish, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll post stuff there. Don’t know what I’ll post, possibly notices when I post on the blog, so what’s that? …about once a year. lol


It will most likely be a mix of things, like my photography, internet funnies, cell phone selfies, random crap, inappropriateness, and food. No, not food. No one wants to see my microwaved chicken nuggets, and store brand mac & cheese.

“Type hard. Like you mean it!”


Don’t be a prick!



I’m living in a drama-free bubble!

Respect the bubble, people. Respect it!


If you find yourself surrounded by anyone that reduces your joy, do yourself a favor and get away from them.  I used to associate with people that would create their own drama. Then I would listen to them go on about how so many unfortunate things would happen to them. “Why hasn’t my ship come in?”, “Everyone leaves me”. Um…. you’re a miserable prick, that’s why. End of story!


You can’t help someone that can’t help themselves. One day I stepped back and truly understood the meaning of “misery loves company”. They made me miserable most days, pretty sure that made them happy. lol



I repeat this…. a lot!

My current status:  I’m in my ‘awesome’ bubble, you’re not allowed in without an invitation. 🙂

“Type hard. Like you mean it!”



How distracted? Well, let’s see. It’s been about a year since I’ve posted on my blog. Maybe that’s my thing, ‘The Annual Blogger’, everyone will be doing it soon. I have the best ideas! Really can’t call myself a ‘blogger’ at this point though.

I wish I could say that I’ve been busy accomplishing things, I haven’t been.  I did however manage to stick with, and complete one of my 52 week photo projects in 2015. Yeah, just one of them, it was 52 weeks of themed self-portraits. The other project, 52 weeks of SOOC  (straight out of the camera) photos was boring as hell. So when I came down with pneumonia for a few weeks I ditched that project about half way through. I don’t regret it, usually I hate giving up on things, but when you are not inspired by your own art it’s okay to call it quits. Right? Yes, I agree.

So where has my time gone? I have no idea! An entire year, gone! Just like that.

Being easily distracted by all shiny things in sight…..does not help.  I mean, I’ve started a bunch of projects. “Started” being the keyword. You know how it goes, almost any given day……..

I start to clean out my basement, half-way through realizing that I really need to see what I have in my garage,  I’ll need to make room for that stuff down there. Between the basement and the garage is the craft room. I start thinking about how I should be working on some crafts to sell on Etsy instead, haven’t done that in a while, my time would be better spent there.  I sit at my table, take out all of my supplies, ponder some ideas. The craft room is a mess however, I can’t work like that. Let me rearrange it. While I’m in there I start thinking about how I should make it a playroom for the kids too. I’ll need some stuff to organize it. A Home Depot trip is in order. I’ll hit the craft store while I’m out, it’s right next door. I’ll print coupons for it first. Sitting at the computer, check Facebook, Instagram, email. In email I see that I have a new comment on my half-finished book. I really should edit some chapters and post something new. Opens ‘Google Docs’, works on chapter.  I make a mental note of how long it’s been since I’ve done that and start thinking about how neglected the blog is. I’ll write something for that too while I have my documents open. Approximately a year later, this is what I come up with. I’m posting it damn it!

See you next year. 😀

“Type hard. Like you mean it!”