Don’t be a prick!



I’m living in a drama-free bubble!

Respect the bubble, people. Respect it!


If you find yourself surrounded by anyone that reduces your joy, do yourself a favor and get away from them.  I used to associate with people that would create their own drama. Then I would listen to them go on about how so many unfortunate things would happen to them. “Why hasn’t my ship come in?”, “Everyone leaves me”. Um…. you’re a miserable prick, that’s why. End of story!


You can’t help someone that can’t help themselves. One day I stepped back and truly understood the meaning of “misery loves company”. They made me miserable most days, pretty sure that made them happy. lol



I repeat this…. a lot!

My current status:  I’m in my ‘awesome’ bubble, you’re not allowed in without an invitation. 🙂

“Type hard. Like you mean it!”


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