Be you, the world will adjust.



Some days I need to remind myself of that. I will never be everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone will like me, find my funny, or even think I’m slightly charming. Instead of adjusting what I say, or how I act, I’m learning to say “fuck you!” Only…. I just say that in my head, because damn it…I really do want people to like me. Why wouldn’t you like me? I’m pretty fucking awesome! Even on the inside. I don’t mean gut me open and take a peek. I’m sure that wouldn’t look too awesome. Me just laying there with all my innards outwards. Do I really need to explain this? No cutting me open, okay? We’re cool, right?

“Type hard, like you mean it!”


9 thoughts on “Be you, the world will adjust.

  1. I have come to the conclusion that …. if you say ‘ fuck the world if they don’t accept me’ then you are demanding they do and hence you yourself have not accepted yourself. Now if you keep in mind that ‘ the world will be what it is’ then that seems to detach things and not make it so personal. For when you accept yourself as you truly are the struggle ends… there is no need for acceptance from others for you understand they too are in their own little bubble trying to muddle through.

    Sorry I got verbally carried away

  2. Dye!! Yet another stunning portrait and thought provoking rant. Well. Not a rant in a bad way. You know what I mean. You can’t please em’ all, but I think lots of us would like to please most. But you’re right on… just me you.
    You are the coolest mom/wife in the hood. Those that don’t think so, fuck em’ there’re just jealous.

    • I’m with you Todd, and I do believe Dye is becoming more at home in her own skin in more ways than we Fellas can imagine. I think part of Nature’s way of explaining this is the sign at the top Right of this page, ‘You don’t scare me I have kids’. Not as childless couples may think as ‘My kids are scarier than you’, but rather as us parents know as ‘I have kids, I can do anything and do not cross me because Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, but even she is a Pussycat compared to a Mother’.

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