Leave me alone! The perfect Mother’s Day Gift.


“Happily Ever After” Self-Portrait with my two youngest.

What do you want for Mother’s Day?

I want to be left alone. Yes, that does sound selfish, and it is… a little bit, but it’s the truth. What I need though…is a day, a day where I’m not needed. A day to myself, to do whatever I want. Even if that means sleeping until noon, not brushing my teeth, and eating cupcakes for dinner. I want to pee without having a conversation through the door, or better yet… without my kids watching me because they have to be in there with me. I want to grab a snack without having to sneak it or share it. I want to watch T.V., and not only watch it, but hear it. I don’t need to be taken out for dinner. That is not relaxing at all.

“Where’s my food?”

“I’m hungry”

“I want what she has.”

“I need to go potty.”

“She’s kicking me.”

“What’s that?”

“Can I have a bite?”

“I’m not hungry.”


Please…. leave me alone! I love you all, but go!

I feel guilty saying that I want to be left alone, it sounds as if I don’t love my children, which is not the case at all.

For me, Mother’s Day has always been about the kids though. “What can we do that they’d enjoy?” I know they feel good when they make something for me, get me a gift, or take me out.  Which is why I will sit back, smile, and accept everything that comes my way on Mother’s Day like I do every year. Maybe that makes me a good mom. Maybe that makes me an idiot.


Mother’s Day 2014, because ‘Rainforest Cafe’ is for me. Not!

To all the mom’s out there who make sacrifices day in and day out, you guys rock!

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you know anyone that can relate, please share this post, and give them a hug, or some wine…or Vodka. Yeah, screw the hug, wine and Vodka makes more sense.

“Type hard. Like you mean it!”




7 thoughts on “Leave me alone! The perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

  1. I talked to more moms who wanted exactly what you wanted. In fact, I almost begged for some alone time–to play in my yard and plant flowers. I turned down all offers of dinner out and gifts because flower time and snuggle time with the kids was all that I wanted.
    It rained, so I cooked for my mother inlaw and didn’t get to go outside at all. Then, I pouted like a big baby. Next year? I’m not going to pout no matter what. I still feel bad for being so grumpy.
    I am so happy you’re back to writing, Dye. You always make me smile!

    • That’s a bummer about how you spent your day. I always feel selfish for expressing that I just want to have ‘what I want’, but yeah, it can make me grumpy when I don’t get it, then I feel like a jerk for expressing that. Usually I just smile and nod so that no one else feels bad about it. lol This year actually turned out to be the best Mother’s day yet. I decided that I wanted to just spend time alone with each of my kids individually. They are always competing for my attention, I’m usually trying to please them all at once that I fall short. Was so good to just get them out one on one and actually listen, talk, and spoil them. Much better than if I spent the time alone. 🙂

      Thanks for still being here! It feels good to write again.

  2. No you are not an Idiot… well I will politely guess you are not.
    I think this is good you expressed yourself here.
    There is no day off from being a Mom, even on Mothers day.
    Funny thing about certain moms tho, even when they are away they worry about their kids

  3. We had Three Girls, that’s equal to 3 “Twasn’t Me”s, and at least 9 “Sheedidit” s. You have my greatest respect and understanding, My dear Wife went through many Years of your ordeal (and it IS an ordeal for those with just one perfectly behaved (Maladjusted) child who think otherwise) though I think the worst one may have been coming home after a Nursing Might shift to a back door full of Daughters with me holding them back, to slip on some red brick steps and land on her leg just above the knee and me rushing them all up to Hospital for stitches in Mum’s knee. She was still in Uniform so you can imagine the questions, and the kids ran riot in the emergency department waiting room! But yes, we’ve been to a few Naff meals etc. My Bad, I should have planned things better and sent Her off for Pamper days at a local Spa! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I could have got together with other Dads at the School and we could have sent the Ladies off for Peace and took all the Kids of to a Theme park! (Everyone wins, the kids and Dads get to go on the rides that Mum always bans and Mum gets peace and laughs!)

    • I think I’m happy knowing that there is no way in heck that my Mother’s day could go that badly. Your poor wife! I’ll complain about wanting time every year, but I’m sure I’d miss them if they gave it to me. lol

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