52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 19


‘Sugar and Spice’ ~  My two little ones.

The theme this week is ‘Watching’.

These are my two youngest girls watching daddy out the window. They are getting ready to wave good-bye.

None of us can leave the house without it being a big production. The girls need to stop whatever they are doing, run to us while saying, “hug, squeeze, kiss” (sometimes 3 or 4 times) before we go, then they sit in the window to wave good-bye as we drive off. Even if we are just running a quick 5 minute errand, we have to do this ritual.  There are times when it can seem frustrating, especially when we are only running down the street to grab some milk, or if we are in a rush and need to get going.  However, I try to remind myself that there will come a day when they don’t even look up to say good-bye, or acknowledge my existence. So for now, I will always take the time to indulge in this little ritual, even if it takes waaaaaaaaay longer to say good-bye then it does to actually run any errands.


“Type hard, like you mean it!”




4 thoughts on “52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 19

  1. Dye, you have some very happy and secure Girls there, in my opinion the love and respect shown by a child, especially in their years of innocence is directly proportionate to the love and respect shown to thrm in the first place. Your Girls don’t Want either of you to leave without giving them the reassurance that you’ll return as soon as possible. An outgoing child is a secure child, wheras a Bratty child is a little sh*t.
    You can try and remind yourself when they go introvert in years to come that at least you gave them a good basis for life!

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