52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 23


‘Zen’ Self-Portrait

The theme for this weeks photo is ‘Minimalism’.

I’ve heard that doing yoga, and meditation, can enhance your sex life. Now, I’m not sure if that’s because you become more in tune with yourself, or if it’s because you get into all those sexy poses, either way….it’s worth a try. Let me know if I’m doing it right.


I am feeling a bit more in tune with myself. For example, I now know that I have zero flexibility.  I also have no doubt that once my hubby sees me in these super sexy poses he will be all over me. Rawr!

I think it’s working.

bow chicka wow wow’….

‘brown chicken brown cow’…

“Type hard, like you mean it”


4 thoughts on “52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 23

  1. I think the last photo sums you up perfectly for me, you seem to be thinking ‘OK I’m here doing this thing, are you SURE this is how it’s done?’, as usual you have managed to get into the poses in sync with the shutter, and as for flexibility… Haven’t had that for about 40 Years!
    I used to think I was agile and almost Lithe, then the kids came along and as you know only too well, they can bend, contort, run and change direction a hell of a lot better than adults can! (especially when they’ve been naughty.)

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