52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 24


‘Mustang’ Self-Portrait


The theme for this weeks photo is ‘window’.

After I post a photo on social media I’ll occasionally have someone ask me what the original photo looked like, or what I did, or didn’t add in Photoshop. Last weeks photo for example prompted some questions from a few people. So I figured I’d share some behind-the-scenes (BTS) from this weeks image and from last weeks image.  Sometimes I do a ton of Photoshop work, other time I keep it simple. Personally, I love when people share anything from BTS, I learn a lot that way.

Here is this weeks:



Testing the light in my basement… that’s my stand-in so that I can get my focus right. Used one strobe light in back, pointing towards it.


BEFORE…..Straight out of camera (SOOC), more often than not I have to remove nipples. lol


AFTER….Some minor Photoshop work and a few filters added.

Here are a few from last week. Mostly to show the small space, because that was what everyone asked about.


Standard ceiling height, window to the left and the right.


Test shot for lighting. Nothing fancy, was too lazy to set up strobes. Kept the over head light on and put my flash on the camera to soften shadows, bounced it off the ceiling. Good enough.


Making sure I was in focus.




AFTER….Faux wall and some touch-ups.


…and there you go. I don’t have many blank walls to shoot against, so I have to get creative.


“Type hard, like you mean it!”


9 thoughts on “52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 24

  1. Thank you for sharing Dye, again I am amazed at what you can acheive with relatively little equipment or facilities, and it is a real treat to be shown snippets of the process behind the photos.
    I did do a double take when I saw ‘Standard ceiling height, window to the left and the right.’ , Am I the only one who thought at first that was a pair of lips and a nose shadow on the ceiling? Yes? Oh well nuts I am then! And there was me wondering for a moment or two how you printed that up there!

  2. Dye,
    Thanks for sharing. I was very curious about the background of your yoga poses shoot. Especially the last shot with the immense wall. Very well done and very creative

    PS. Don’t spend so much time erasing the nip slips😉

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