52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 28


‘My escape plan.’ Self-portrait

The theme for week 28 was ‘Neon’.

I’ve dropped the ball on keeping up with my weekly themes, currently a couple of weeks behind. I’ve been uninspired, distracted, stressed, and avoiding all things ‘life’. However, it has been beautiful weather here, so I’ve at least been escaping into the pool. Can’t complain too much about that.

When I get stressed, or feel like there is too much on my plate to deal with…. I mentally shut down, it’s my life defense mode.  Not the best tactic because it really just puts everything on pause, but when I have hard time focusing on any one thing, I decide to ignore ALL things.  It doesn’t always work, stepping away from everything and everyone is hard to do,  trying to reset and get out of my own head is needed though. Soooo…. that’s what I’ve been up to. Having my own personal pity party, trying to reset!

The fact that I took this photo, uploaded it, and am writing this post…. tells me it’s working though. One thing at a time, right?

I’m not a fan of vague statuses, where people cry about all things wrong in their world without telling you what in the fuck is actually wrong. Those statuses really irk the hell out of me. That being said, I apologize for not sharing all the stressful details of my life right now. It’s okay, you can hate me for that. lol


“Just keep swimming.”

“Type hard, like you mean it!”



3 thoughts on “52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 28

  1. Life can suck it sometimes. I have also had some intense issues to deal with for the last 4 months or so. Sometimes it takes all my energy to force myself out of bed and fake a smile so my kids don’t worry.

    You do want you have to do to get by and at some point you turn the corner and get on with it.

    It’s good to see your toes in the pool. I hope you turn your corner soon.


  2. Baby steps, if you have managed to ‘Bottom out’ (No, not like that you dirty Girl) as in reached at state where you feel a kind of peace and acceptance of recent events, then the road onwards is best taken with baby steps in my experience.
    Posting again is a good sign. We’ll be here, waiting on your every word of wisdom or drivel, waiting for any posted pictures, but above all Patiently waiting. As I’ve said before we never forget it’s YOUR Blog, you don’t HAVE to post if you feel you cannot, but don’t forget, WE can sulk, oh boy can we sulk! I just hope we are too polite to tell you when we are doing it?

  3. I rarely share things that bother me or about my problems , especially when they are current. I draw back , digest and think things through , quietly and alone. When I do talk about them , if ever i get around to it, it is always on a philosophical term. More of what I have gained or grew from it. Then it turns into bantering 🙂

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