52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 37



The photography theme for week 37 was ‘Tiniest of details’.

This bug was so itty bitty, didn’t even notice it when I flipped the mushroom over. Once I started shooting it crawled out, just a little spec of a thing.   That’s one thing I love about macro photography, so much beauty in the tiniest of details. Not that I find that bug beautiful per se , but there is something cool about all the things you can see in such a small space.

“Type hard, like you mean it!”



2 thoughts on “52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 37

  1. It really is true that the beauty is in the detail, detail that is often not seen or detail that is deliberately ignored is as important to someone as the details that are shouted from the rooftops by others!
    This one of the things that I Love about Your photography is the attention to the tiniest of details, those ones that we don’t see the first two Views, the ones that when noticed make you think ‘How did I miss that?’ and the others like self made labelling of found items used as props etc. These add to the enjoyment of Your skill and talent, Thank You.

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