Stick a fork in me….



I’m done!

Done with what exactly? Done trying to pretend I’ll catch up and finish my 52 week photography challenge.  It’s taken everything I have to call it quits, I don’t like giving up, but lately…. I’m drained.  I have so many other things I have to do, and want to do. So in an effort to remove a bit of stress and maintain some sanity, I have to call it.  I still love photography, I just bought a new camera in fact!  For now though, I’ll be taking photos when I feel inspired, and although the themes do spark my creativity,  I’ve found that I’ve been putting off taking some of the images I really want to take and instead focusing on themes because I just don’t have the time to do both.

I already feel like a weight has been lifted by making this decision. 🙂


This image is one I took yesterday. I actually had a really good day, not that this photo portrays that in anyway at all, but I was able to put a big stress in my life to rest (no, I didn’t kill anyone).  My original intent was to take a quick photo because I was in such a good mood and it felt nice to be out of jeans and sneakers for a change. Of course, as I was setting up my camera I kept thinking about how I had to catch up on themes, and how I should be focusing on those, how I didn’t have time to be taking a photo when I have chores to do and kids to take care of, and blah blah blah……  I could feel things weighing on me.  I had been kicking around the idea of quitting the challenge for a while, but that moment and frame of thought solidified it for me.

Today, I focused on chores and kids! Tomorrow, I’m going away for the night with the hubby. I can not wait to sleep naked, and with any luck I’ll be completely taken advantage of.  I can feel the stress melting away already! 😉

“Type hard, like you mean it!”


10 thoughts on “Stick a fork in me….

  1. It’s tough to keep producing images on a weekly basis, especially when juggling so much that daily life demands. I’m finding that after 3 consecutive 52 challenges. your image speaks volumes about how you are feeling, in terms of that its a brilliant shot. Well done !!! I’ll miss the inspiring and clever images that you share with us and look forward to when you are recharged..

  2. When I first opened this page and saw the photo my initial thought was ‘Aah, another picture of Dye the Mother, Wife and Homemaker… Dye the Model must be someplace else again.’
    Then I read the text and studied the picture properly and the way I see it now shows your mixed thought and emotions about your Photography in Your eyes, the love for it, the longing for wanting to get on with it, life getting in the way and then Your Muse, ‘Dye the Model’ hiding at times.
    We all have balls to juggle and keep in the air, some of us can only manage a couple and some people can manage 5. The art of juggling is to know when to gently lower excess balls to the ground so they can be picked up again and not to drop them so they roll out of reach and are much harder to find through the crowds watching. Well done Dye, there will be other Years with 52 weeks in them.
    Have a loving time Tonight!
    Much Love, Andy.
    p.s. Yummy Mummys are so much sexier than make up covered Models, ask Your adoring Husband!

    • You always have such a great way of putting things into perspective. You should just type my blog post for me. lol
      Thanks so much for taking the time to not only see my post but to delve a little deeper and understand them. 🙂

  3. that’s so funny that you looked forward to sleeping naked when away. We do the same thing when we sneak away or when the kids have a sleepover somewhere else

  4. I hear ya. I’ve been renovating my childhood home for 4 months now and photography has taken a back-burner. I miss it so much but lately can’t handle the pressure of coming up with something to post. Hopefully when this reno stress is over I can pick up the camera again and the mojo will come back.

    Love your work.

    • I seem to have phases. I put the camera down for 7 years before, hopefully that won’t happen again, but like you know….there are other things that have to be done and hobbies can take a back seat. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to shoot once the reno is over. 🙂

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