My list of Must-do’s when taking a sexy photo.


‘Ricochet’ Self-Portrait

One of the many things I love about photography, self-portraits in particular, is that you can tell any story you want about yourself.  It’s as simple as a costume change, makeup, pose, hair, etc.  Me? I thoroughly enjoy getting all dolled up and letting my sexy side show.  I thought about just posting the above photograph and leaving it at that, because… damn… I look fucking good. Right? I’m so modest. lol

But I don’t always look like this, it takes work to look sexy in an image.

I thought I’d share some of my ‘must do’s’, ways I like to convey sex appeal in my self-portraits:


Step 1: Finger in the mouth. People love fingers in the mouth, and anything that draws attention to the lips.


Step 2: Sexy eyes. Eye contact is important!


Step 3: Push tits together…because, well…who doesn’t like cleavage? It’s like saying, “Look! Another place to put your dick.”

If you’ve learned anything, I hope it’s that you realized—the sexiest thing you can do is just be your damn self. Even if you look like an idiot most of the time, like I usually do. Trying to keep it real. Enjoy!


“Type hard, like you mean it!”


12 thoughts on “My list of Must-do’s when taking a sexy photo.

  1. One of the sexiest things is a person with the confidence to not take his/herself too seriously. I so appreciate you sharing your humor and sexy self xox ~P

  2. I so want to make my usual pervery comment. But our long time pet tortoise escaped yesterday and I am heartbroken. And exhausted. Those little buggers can cover ground fast when they are warm. And 200+ acres is a lot of area to cover to find something the size of a tea saucer that also knows how to dig. After 36 hours of searching ( literary on my hands and knees) I will just make the following simple observations.
    1. As I have said before, I enjoy your photography & Composition skills. You have a gift.
    2. Yes ( I agree) you do look great
    3. Boobs, even fab ones like yours, always look better pressed together.
    4 Yes! Cleavage is a great place to put ones dick. I am always trying to put mine there and I never seem to tire of watching film of other people doing that.
    5. Those white stars on your nipple makes me hate white stars.

    There you go. I promise For your next picture I will be less aggrieved and make comments that will make you feel uneasy and make you regret posting the photo.

    Happy Easter

    • Kind of ironic that you’d reference your Tortoise while I’m dressed as The Hare, no? Hope you found the little bugger. 🙂

      So if I’m reading the rest of that correctly, I shouldn’t look forward to your next comment, and you’d like to see more white stars? Got it! :p

      Hope your week has improved!

  3. You could very well have “left it at that”, and for the very reason you stated. You DO look fucking good, no doubt about that – ever. But there is always something extra in your photographs. Pretty girls are a dime a dozen, but one who is also smart, funny, and as ‘real’ as you.. Those are pretty rare.

  4. Dye, my Beautiful Blogger You’d look ‘fucking Good’ in a sack and a bag on your head, however if you must insist on sharing by demonstrating your skill with your art, then the least we can do is to observe carefully and appreciate that art when we can.
    To quote yourself, “I hope it’s that you realized—the sexiest thing you can do is just be your damn self.” So when do we get to see you without the makeup then? I realise of course that Ladies wear their makeup as a mask, some use it as a sheild and hide behind it, and some wear it from habit, believing that they cannot possibly look sexy without it. I do not know if either of those apply to You, but as I’ve said before Damn Girl your skills as both Model and Photographer are excellent.

    • Thank you so much! Me, without makeup? Never! lol I feel more like myself with makeup than without. Although I don’t wear it like a mask, or a shield. I’d say it’s more like an accessory, like earrings or a bracelet. Sure, I can go without it, but that little extra sparkle is always a nice touch. 😉

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