photography ~Femme Fatale


‘Femme Fatale’ Self-portrait

Enjoy! 😉

Type hard, like you mean it!”


11 thoughts on “photography ~Femme Fatale

  1. Ok so is that like a whip you have or am I just getting old? Btw when is there ever going to be a pic using Heavenly Divine Soap with all that lather around the places need to be ? And I like the catchy end you always leave here:)
    ‘Type hard, like you mean it!” I knew id forgot to take the Viagra when my fingers went limp noodle!!!~!!! Lol humor is an awesome thing my friend:)

    • It’s most definitely a whip! “Type hard, like you mean it.” Intentionally left open to interpretation, but the root of it came from ‘Pump up the Volume’, “Talk Hard”. Hope all is good with you. 🙂

      • Yeah I thought so 🙂 Pain is a real pleasure lol:) that and heels Mmmm ok I shall shut up now:) Ohhh cool gota now. Well seem some ill moments kidney stones!!!! But its always something but ahh I’m kickin still and hope all is well with you and Family:)

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