photography ~ Reading


Self-portrait 22/52

“Reading… it’s the third best thing to do in bed.”

~ Jarod Kintz


My personal goal for this 52 week project is to take a self-portrait every week (anytime between Monday and Sunday), as long as I post it by the end of the day on Sunday I’ll keep to my own schedule and stay on track. Well…I took this photo in bed this morning, nothing like waiting until last minute, eh? I kind of forgot that I had to take one, woke up with zero ideas.  I’m happy I got it done though, for a minute there I thought fuck it, this will be the week I fall behind, not feeling very inspired lately.  I’m just happy that I could stay in bed and not bother with makeup to take it. Cheers to faceless portraits, and sleeping in Sunday mornings! Better luck next week.


Like always, all images can be seen bigger on Flickr.


“Type hard, like you mean it!”

2 thoughts on “photography ~ Reading

  1. I can’t read in bed
    Two or three paragraphs into it and i am asleep
    So I guess that leaves me with 2 favorite things to do in bed
    Both of which i have to make the bed again 😦

  2. I like reading in bed, or on the bed for that matter, though I tend to use my Kindle a lot more than Paper books nowadays, I do like to curl up with an actual book and get lost. At those times the world can go and hike because I’ve checked out for a while.
    This photo is the real YOU Dye, you’re not hiding behind a mask or making up a backstory, not telling a tale or trying to match someone’s expectations, you are being YOU and that’s a powerful thing all on its own.
    We all achieve better when it’s off the cuff, not necessarily more but almost always better.
    Why is it that you bring out the philosopher in me?

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