52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 32


‘Red Herring’ Self-Portrait

The photo theme for week 32 was ‘Red’.

Decided to write a little poetry for this one. Enjoy!

‘Red Herring’

“Hungry?” You ask

“Starving” I reply

So famished in fact

I’ll devour every lie

Garnished just so

Seasoned to my taste

Red Herring served cold

Sits beautifully on my plate

A dish you prepare




And me, so hungry

I eat every bite.

~Dye Stormere


“Type hard, like you mean it!”



poetry ~ Nirvana ~


My body has many different curves
each one ready
to be served

But take your time
explore every nook
there is usually one that’s overlooked

It’s that pocket of space
just above my thighs
to come inside

The perfect place
to lay down a kiss
a gap
complete pure bliss

Do you think you can handle the thrill?
because it has been calling
for you to come fill

poetry ~ Rain ~



I’m sure there was more to it

as I glance back to that moment

when my mind and body decided to do their own thing


I remember the drive like it was yesterday

drops of water pelted against the windshield

sounds of swooshing from the blades


on the way

I had my doubts

an affair was never my plan

but there I sat


minutes passed

I meant to drive away


I was contemplating my next move

knowing nothing was right about what I wanted to do

but before I had the chance to go

you met me halfway


soaking wet

you were drenched

in summer scents

it didn’t matter what was said

the visions I had of us in my head

already crossed that line and instead

of turning back down the lane

we kissed


you smelled like rain

on a warm sunny day

your white cotton tee


exposing every ripple underneath

leading me to that V

cut just above your jeans

even though it wasn’t right

I had no will

or desire to fight

I peeled back every layer

every thread

towards the house

up each tread

in your bed


It was too good

to be wrong

that is how I sing the song

when people asked why I caused

‘him’ so much pain

I simply say

I couldn’t resist

you smelled like summer rain



poetry ~ Delicious – An Erotic Treat ~


I was hungry for your touch

I begged you for it……”please”

With your hands beneath my dress

You fed my every need


A sudden loss of breath

The air escaped my lungs

You pressed your fingers in my mouth

and placed them on my tongue


“Lick,” you whispered in my ear

“See how sweet you taste?”

You grabbed my hair…..kissed my neck

Your beard against my face


Slowly pulling at my hem

You fell onto your knees

I knew without a question

You were hungry just like me


Of all the different dishes

and the spices that were savored

I think you would agree with me

We both enjoyed the flavors




poetry “~ Well-Read ~”



Patiently waiting

Can you hear me say?

“Touch me”

“Read me”

“Let’s get lost for the day”


A story for you

my literary lover

You’ll enter my soul

as you reach for the cover


Your fingers go dancing

Stroke along my spine

“Tell me,” you say


“Say you are mine”


I’m yours to read

‘Your’ pages to trace

Together we’ll travel

and escape this place


A life out of focus

where reality is a blur

Sighs from your lips

as you taste each word


By the end of the night

I will share in your bed

You ‘never’ disappoint

You keep me well-read


poetry “Spank Me”

Spank Me

I do it because he enjoys it

when I’ve done something bad

But I’m not going to lie

I love it when I make him mad

From the way he makes me crawl over

and lay across his lap

To the way he makes me count out

every single stinging slap

He likes to linger and wait

and as my fear just starts to pass

without warning

his hand quickly lifts

and spanks against my ass

Beneath each painful bite

I wipe the tears from my smokey eyes

And then I smile

just to myself

as his cock begins to rise

Once I’ve learned all the lessons taught

and he’s had his share of fun

Rounding out his punishment

he says I’m not allowed to cum

But I can’t help to be turned on

when he fucks me like his whore


worse thing that could happen

is I’d just get punished more

poetry “~Suck~ A Simple Word”


Such a simple word with its one syllable sound

The way it lingers on your tongue before you utter its note

To the whispered breath you use to pronounce it

A hush vibrates as it pours from your lips

and in a hiss it brushes my ear

As your finger passes my kiss and I take it in

Slowly sucking

I pull deeper and push out

offering slight licks

Not knowing what you plan

The look in your eyes ‘hungry’

while I gently nip

Leaves me to wonder

where you will place its wet tip

Will you trace it along my neck?

Maybe play it along each breast

I can only imagine what you will offer me next

Perhaps you’ll circle around my waist

Eventually fall between my legs

Every image

Every thought

Has me on edge

Provoked by its simple one syllable sound

~ Suck ~

poetry “Fuck Me! ~ Mature Conversation”


“What do you want?” you ask

“ladies choice”

that ‘is’ always the case

but I don’t want to be a lady

I want to lose my voice


no need for you to speak

wait till I’m through

I’m tired of nice  

of being….’made love’ to


there are times when days are rough

or when all hell breaks loose

when the only thing I need

is to be fucked by you


everything you give

has always been great

no different tonight

I just have particular taste


give me a hard time

like you did the other day

a little forceful play

while I try to resist

bound and cuffed

tied at the wrist


push me around

I’ll pay my fees

pull me down

knock me to my knees


get your hands in my hair

I just want to give

I need to be lost

to feel like I’ve lived


don’t be selfish

you haven’t so far

come take a taste

of how I get when you’re hard


while my hands are still bound

and stretched over my head

grab me

grip my thighs

and force me to spread


with fingers inside

and your tongue on the way

don’t stop or quit

just treat me like prey


come find my mouth

crash into my lips

a rough and passionate kind of kiss


when you’re finished the tease

bend me over the bed

so you can give it all to me

make me plead and beg


put your hands around my neck

when you’re grabbing from the back

pull me into you tight

offering no slack


and when you’re ready to give

give me ‘all’ you can give

I want to feel your grip

when I’m ready to drip

till my breaths are done

and I’m ready to cum


that’s what I want

what I want to do

no being ‘made love’ to


because tonight

all I want

is to be completely fucked by you


poetry “Not a Poet, I know it ~ Limerick Stew”


Decided to write a Limerick

The words I chose were a little sick

I tried to stay clean

But got too obscene

I gave up and said…the heck with it!

Or perhaps a new Send-Jew-Rue

Or maybe a simple Hi-Coo

But aren’t they the same?

Just two different names?

To whatever you say… screw you!

Have opted to go Free Verse

Stumbled and started to curse

Going to slow

Words didn’t flow

Better off left to rehearse

Much nicer to call it a Prose

Like the sweet, sweet scent of a rose

But that crap was stinking

The heck was I thinking

I’d much rather pierce my nose

I throw out some words that might rhyme

But I never put in the time

Fill them with fluff

Never real stuff

True poets must find this a crime

Call it whatever you want

I have no talent to flaunt

But I typed up this poem

From a seat in my home

And added a stupid font

Sometimes I need a good slap

Instead you stand and you clap

But what can I say

You’ve brightened my day

Thank you for reading my crap

poetry “The Dachshund and The Sphynx ~ A Bedtime Story ~”


Now settle down boys

And hop up on the bed

A new bedtime story

It’s one I haven’t read

Calm down

Calm down

It’s one you’ll like, I think

It’s a story about friendship

called The Dachshund and The Sphynx

The Dachshund could remember

The day that they had met

Surprised that little kitty

Had never once been pet

He saw that she was hiding

And called her out to play

“Here kitty kitty”

Here kitty kitty

Please don’t be afraid”

A new friend, she thought

So she began to purr

But little puppy couldn’t believe

This kitty had no fur

Little puppy wondered

What happened to her clothes

And when he went to greet her

She kissed his big round nose

Little puppy asked her

“Do you have a name?”

But little kitty didn’t

She felt a bit ashamed

So puppy tried to cheer her up

and said, “how bout a game?”

Puppy knew that she was shy

And a little meek

But boy, oh boy

How her ears perked

While playing hide and seek

The puppy was a frisky boy

He barked and acted tough

Poking poor little kitty

He liked to play so rough

But as their friendship grew and grew

The longer they would play

They’d meet up in the barn at night

And frolic in the hay

One day while both were playing

And wrestling all about

Little kitty kicked her bowl

And made the milk spill out

“Naughty kitty!

Naughty kitty!”

Little puppy growled

Little kitty

Showed her claws

“Meow meow meow”

Little puppy liked the sound

Of little kitty’s mew

So he kicked his paw real hard

And emptied his bowl too

Now Willy dog the Dachshund

Had a gift for kitty Sphynx

So like his favorite flower

He named her Petal Pink

The two became inseparable

Joined just at the hip

Promised when each bowl was full

They’d always share a sip

Now Storytime is over boys

Let me tuck you in real tight

Since you’ve been so good for me

Your kitty can spend the night

Remember boys, like any kitty

with or without fur

Pet her hard and pet her good

To make her purr, purr, purr

poetry “-Deep- Thoughts”


deep thoughts

My imagination and I

We are pretty close friends

His naughty ink flows through my pen


Dirty thoughts he feeds my mind

Pushing them

Thrusting them

Deep inside


Creative juices start to flow

Encouraging to suck

and slowly blow

The smoke that forms with spinning gears

To savor


and taste my fears


He leaves no option to play fair

He can be cruel

but I don’t care


He makes me laugh

at disgusting jokes

It causes me to gag and choke


I hear him at the back of my head

He makes me blush ten shades of red


On my tongue

just at the tip

The words he laid

begin to drip


Always around

He’s here to stay

I love it when he comes to play


poetry “Worthless, Man Made”


Can you still see me?

The inner beauty you claimed once to admire

Just beyond the exterior shell you desire

Past the soul that lingers amongst the pile of lies



Ready to die

What do you see?

Some novel toy to play with at whim

“You’re such a bitch! are you flirting with him?”

An x-rated version of a person I once knew



Words commonly spewed

Just something for your viewing pleasure

A woman, I question, you ever did treasure

Your whore to use on any given day

“Worthless!” the word you choose to say




“Fucking obey!”

Your one and only success

You made me this way

poetry “Poker Peepshow”

poker peepshow

The private dancing, backroom type of club


Dirty martini, two olives, straight up


A game of poker, some sleight of hand


Room filled with liars and cheaters


A full house


Suits and ties with acquired taste


Scantily clad and Chantilly lace


A Gentlemen’s club with none to spare


Open box of Gurkha Black Dragons


The stench filling the air


The stakes are high


Heated testosterone rush


Hungarian skin for all to touch


Arousing both curious peaks


With deuces in hand


Straddling bets before you see


A ballsy wager


Holding bottom pair


A vision of ecstasy


Bending on knees


Four of a kind




A game of heads-up


Placing the blind


No limping in with this hand in play


I call


You raise


Alluring and tempting to go all in


Stack my chips


The house takes its rake


First the flop


Anticipate the turn


Down the wet river you go


If you have to leave on the bubble


What better way to end the series


Than to have the release


That’s worth at least double

poetry “She and I”


I noticed her before I even ordered my drink

I was surprised to be attracted to a woman

Something new

It was food for thought

It made me stop and think

She wasn’t your typical image of a man’s fantasy

Not in my opinion at least

She was brunette, with dark eyes

An exotic dish

A tasty vision

Plated beautifully

Like a gourmet chef’s wish

However, she didn’t smell like cherry ChapStick

Like I had come to expect

If the word ‘crave’ had an aroma

It would be that she wore

Her scent had that kind of effect

There was something sexy as hell

About the way she dipped her finger in the glass

And rimmed the edge, making it wet

That when she asked, “have you ever been with a woman?”

Instead of saying no

I whispered, “not yet”

She had that look about her


Her eyes read, “tell me more”

It was a look that said she’d done this many, many times before

It was turning me on

Just the idea of it

At the notion

Her words were like smooth warm liqueur

And I was getting drunk

Off her witchcraft spun potion

There was a darkness in her eyes

It’s a little hard to describe

But it made me feel like whatever she was offering

I wanted to subscribe

Her hand moved over to my leg

Softly stroking beneath the hem of my dress

She had a dirty mouth and spoke words like, “I want you to beg”

This was new to me

And she was being a tease

Her grip was getting stronger

Grabbing at me

Letting up

Then offering a squeeze

When her arm came up to my back

She stroked the length of my hair

The touch sent shivers throughout my body

I could feel pleasurable chills just about everywhere

Her kiss came as a surprise

I admit, I was a little shocked

I could taste her drink on my mouth

My hesitation made her laugh

But I didn’t mind so much, being mocked

I was aroused more than I thought I could be

Her lips were full and sweet


Like delicious, juicy candy

She took my lip in her mouth when she came back around

Our tongues were licking and touching

A preview if you will

Of what I knew would go down

She was rough and used force

A woman that had no doubts

She was sure of herself and took what she wanted

I was too weak to resist

I wanted in

Not out

When we finally reached the hotel

She stripped me down bare

Not with the grace of a lady

Not delicate and sweet

But with a ferocious fury like fire burning without care

What a sexy sight before me when she took off her clothes

No hints of modesty or shyness

She didn’t hesitate once when she buried her nose

She was a woman


A giver

A giver in dreams

My deepest fantasy

Dark desire

Or so it seemed

I close my eyes each night

Hoping that one day she will return

It’s been a year since that dream

And my ache still burns