No news is good news.



Ever need to get away from it all and unplug for a little bit?

Two weeks ago I decided to just go ahead and do it, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision.  Now I’m not talking about completely disconnecting from my online life, that’d be crazy!! Baby steps, people! But… I did deactivate my personal Facebook account and haven’t been online as much since doing that. Notice I didn’t say “delete” my Facebook account. Of course I’ll be back again at some point, I think?


This made me laugh. As much as I love attention, quitting Facebook isn’t really what I’d do to get it, I mean seriously…. I have boobs! Big, round, fake, attention getting boobs. See, have your attention now, don’t I?

The last couple of years I’ve become a bit addicted to Facebook. I’m always on it, even if I’m not interacting.  Not that that really bothers me too much. I thoroughly enjoy the online friendships and it’s a great place to keep in touch with old friends, and family. I’m the type that loves to know all about you, wants to see your kids, your pets, your selfies, and your daily activities….in a non-stalkery sort of way…. yeah, yeah, let’s go with that. I’m also the type that will look in your windows if you leave your curtains open though…in a non-pervy way of course *ahem*.   I suppose this is one of the reasons I enjoy self-portraits so much, it’s an extra glimpse into the lives of others.


I definitely don’t text and drive, but I have on many occasions closed Facebook on my PC to immediately pick up my phone and check it again, just in case I missed something important, you know….like photos of what everyone is eating for lunch.

Every time I’ve thought about taking a break I’d come up with a couple of reasons why I couldn’t, these were easy excuses for me to use to stay connected.

  1. I’ll lose touch with everyone.
  2. If I deactivate or delete my personal page, my other pages will automatically go inactive as well.

I have a few Facebook pages, including the one attached to this blog that is run by my personal page.  I didn’t want to lose those and couldn’t see how to keep one without the other.

So I posed the question on Facebook asking if anyone knew a way around this, thankfully a few friends did and were able to show me the loophole.  Once I knew how to do it it took me a few days to convince myself that it was for the best.

See, as much as I love seeing all the good that everyone is up to, it also comes with all the bad negative drama as well.  If you have Facebook you know what I’m talking about. *cough, cough* Politics…among other things.

One of the first things I do in the morning is check all of my online accounts, Facebook being one of them. Most mornings I’d checked it just to read the messages I received, but then I’d see my news feed and get sucked in. I would start to scroll through some stuff, skip some other stuff, read some comments, and more comments, and conversations, and before I knew it I’d be over an hour in and extremely annoyed with myself for wasting so much time on reading news I couldn’t give two shits about. Not the best way to start the day, and not the way I wanted to spend any free time I had throughout the afternoons and evenings.

At the moment, I don’t miss it at all!  I still chat with my friends and family, only now it’s on my blogs Facebook page, and instead of my news feed being filled with negativity and dumb fucking Minion memes, seriously with the Minion memes… STOP! It makes zero sense to post a photo of a Minion with a deep and meaningful fucking quote!

Let me indulge a bit on this pet-peeve. Why in the fuck would these quotes need a Minion with them?!!! Grrrrrr…..

This one however…perfectly acceptable!


Tangent there… what was I saying?

Oh yeah, now I get to log onto my blogs Facebook page, read messages and chat, and only see whatever I post there, no negative BS, not my friends or family bickering, no news reports filled with all the bad stuff going on in this world. In this case….ignorance is a bit blissful.

Of course, I’m still a social media whore….but now I’m a happier one. Nothing better than a happy whore, am I right?

You know where to find me….here at the Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, G+, Email, Smoke signals, Ouija board,… I’m kidding, just seeing if you’re paying attention!

“Type hard, like you mean it!”

My Boobs Aren’t Offensive, My Friends Are Uptight.


I have been slacking off in the writing department for far too long now. Like I said in my last post, way back when……like way back…like back in April back.

I’ve been a little busy with my photography and taking more self-portraits than any one person needs. But it’s my hobby, it’s fun, and I’m a bit narcissistic – so that makes it okay, right? Sure it does. Just agree with me.

Now with all of my photos I never show my bits or pieces, I just do implied nudity or suggestive photos. Let’s say boudoir style, it sounds better. It’s the genre I enjoy.

Recently I took the above photo of myself after seeing a similar photo on Pinterest. I loved it and had to recreate it. Yes…. had too!! So yeah- that’s me up there. Steamy!!

After taking the shot I shared it with my friends on Facebook. I say friends because my photos are set to be view by my friends only.

What floors me is that the photo was reported to Facebook for “nudity/pornography.” Huh?

First of all, nothing even shows in it.

Second of all, who the hell claims to be a friend and then does that?

Regardless, the photo is still on Facebook and I refuse to take it down on my own. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think it’s tasteful, don’t you?

I still don’t know who reported the image or why, but I’m trying to get over it and move on.

It didn’t so much piss me off, but it hurt that someone I consider a friend would do that. I’m not an asshole and if they politely came to me I would have removed it or asked them to just un-friend me. The photo is not the most offensive photo that I have taken or posted. My language on Facebook is far more offensive than my photos would ever be so I’m surprised that an image would offend them at all.

After calming down a little I remembered a few things.

I like me.
I like my photos.
Some people are cunts.
When people tell me to stop doing something, the more I want to say “screw you.”

So I took this self-portrait below and posted it on Facebook the day after. I hope they got my message. Muhahahaha!!


“Type hard. Like you mean it!”