photography ~ Disconnect


Self-portrait 29/52


I’ve been on vacation this past week and had this idea to come back and post a ton of photos (I took about 600 shots) and stories to go along with this weeks image, but as I sit here at my computer I realize that I just don’t want to sit behind my desk for any length of time.  So in an effort to keep things short and sweet, I’ll give you the condensed version.


I took my two little girls (ages 5 and 6) camping this week, this was their first real time camping, unless you count when one was a baby and the other one was still in the womb.  I just have to say, it was the best week I’ve had in a long time,  watching my kids explore outside and try some new things was the highlight for me, they loved everything about it.  We didn’t have the best weather the entire time, but what we had was the best attitude, and if you ask me… rainy days are made for splashing in puddles, which we did… a lot.  I didn’t realize how much I missed camping, I used to go quite often.  I love being in the woods, the smell of campfire is one I will never, ever, ever, ever get tired of, and to just disconnect and be there in the moment, it’s kind of perfect on every level.  Oh… and let’s not forget that first sip of morning coffee outside with nothing but trees and fresh air surrounding you… ahhh yes! I need more of that in my life.


So this weeks photo is of me at the campground lake, faceless, because when I go camping I don’t bother to put any makeup on or do my hair, I just don’t give a shit about all the things I normally care way too much about. Don’t get me wrong, taking a shower and shaving my legs was a real fucking treat when I got back home, and it’s always nice to smell good again.


I already want to go back though! I hear the woods calling me…. sigh.


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“Type hard, like you mean it!”

photography ~ Reading


Self-portrait 22/52

“Reading… it’s the third best thing to do in bed.”

~ Jarod Kintz


My personal goal for this 52 week project is to take a self-portrait every week (anytime between Monday and Sunday), as long as I post it by the end of the day on Sunday I’ll keep to my own schedule and stay on track. Well…I took this photo in bed this morning, nothing like waiting until last minute, eh? I kind of forgot that I had to take one, woke up with zero ideas.  I’m happy I got it done though, for a minute there I thought fuck it, this will be the week I fall behind, not feeling very inspired lately.  I’m just happy that I could stay in bed and not bother with makeup to take it. Cheers to faceless portraits, and sleeping in Sunday mornings! Better luck next week.


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“Type hard, like you mean it!”

photography ~ Span


Self-portrait 21/52


“Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping, and who is worth letting go.” ~ Lana Del Rey


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“Type hard, like you mean it!”