My list of Must-do’s when taking a sexy photo.


‘Ricochet’ Self-Portrait

One of the many things I love about photography, self-portraits in particular, is that you can tell any story you want about yourself.  It’s as simple as a costume change, makeup, pose, hair, etc.  Me? I thoroughly enjoy getting all dolled up and letting my sexy side show.  I thought about just posting the above photograph and leaving it at that, because… damn… I look fucking good. Right? I’m so modest. lol

But I don’t always look like this, it takes work to look sexy in an image.

I thought I’d share some of my ‘must do’s’, ways I like to convey sex appeal in my self-portraits:


Step 1: Finger in the mouth. People love fingers in the mouth, and anything that draws attention to the lips.


Step 2: Sexy eyes. Eye contact is important!


Step 3: Push tits together…because, well…who doesn’t like cleavage? It’s like saying, “Look! Another place to put your dick.”

If you’ve learned anything, I hope it’s that you realized—the sexiest thing you can do is just be your damn self. Even if you look like an idiot most of the time, like I usually do. Trying to keep it real. Enjoy!


“Type hard, like you mean it!”


poetry “Not a Poet, I know it ~ Limerick Stew”


Decided to write a Limerick

The words I chose were a little sick

I tried to stay clean

But got too obscene

I gave up and said…the heck with it!

Or perhaps a new Send-Jew-Rue

Or maybe a simple Hi-Coo

But aren’t they the same?

Just two different names?

To whatever you say… screw you!

Have opted to go Free Verse

Stumbled and started to curse

Going to slow

Words didn’t flow

Better off left to rehearse

Much nicer to call it a Prose

Like the sweet, sweet scent of a rose

But that crap was stinking

The heck was I thinking

I’d much rather pierce my nose

I throw out some words that might rhyme

But I never put in the time

Fill them with fluff

Never real stuff

True poets must find this a crime

Call it whatever you want

I have no talent to flaunt

But I typed up this poem

From a seat in my home

And added a stupid font

Sometimes I need a good slap

Instead you stand and you clap

But what can I say

You’ve brightened my day

Thank you for reading my crap