photography ~ Anniversary


Self-Portrait 25/52



“She had a weakness for his hand on her neck and his words in her heart. Neither of which did she have the willpower to refuse.” -JmStorm


Twelve years ago today I met my husband in person for the first time. We started chatting online, via Today we are still crazy in love, he’s my best friend and when we are together it is non-stop laughter. It’s funny how things work out. Happy Anniversary to us!

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photography ~ I’d kill for some company


Self-portrait 11/52

“If you have never lost your sanity, then you have never been in love.”


My week 11 of 52 self portrait.  I decided to partake in this weeks ‘Self Portrait Sunday’ event with ‘The Art of Self Portraiture’ community over on G+, the theme is ‘Love’.


This photo is lyrically inspired by the song ‘In Boxes by Aurora’, I’ve been wanting to do a photo to this song for a few years now. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen, it’s a bit twisted… I like twisted. 😉

Some of the lyrics:

“Here I am still lonely with the souvenirs
I would kill for some company
I did once have a lover only kept his hands
They can dance and play the songs for me
Play until I sleep”


What’s this image have to do with love?  Well… I’m a fan of hands and the way they can make you feel. I’ve often told my husband that when he dies, or when I kill him… I’m keeping his hands. The man has magic fingers, but even aside from the many sexual pleasures they provide, they offer a sense of intimacy that I’ll never tire of, a closeness that even in silence can be felt with something as simple as putting his hand in mine. Sigh… (let me have my girl moment here).  Hand holding is where it’s at!  So much so that when I had my friend with benefits (when I was single),  hand holding was on my list of no-no’s.  It’s just too….intimate and caring, don’t care about me, just do me! Hee… I clearly have issues!


This….right here:

“Have you ever really held the hand of someone you love? Not just in passing, a loose link between you – but truly clasped, with the pulses of your wrists beating together and your fingers mapping the knuckles and nails like a cartographer learning a country by heart?”
― Jodi Picoult


On a lighter note, his hands belong to me, I’m keeping them…forever!



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Happy Valentine’s Day


“The thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways….” Self-Portrait


Hello there…


I must admit, I woke up in a fantastic mood! Feeling a bit frisky today, more so than normal. Can’t say it’s because it’s Valentine’s day though, because… well… so what? It’s just another day, and as much as I love being in love, and in lust, and having loads of sex…. today doesn’t provide any more of those things than a typical day would. Although I’d totally be on board with tons of extra sex today. Just throwing that out there in case my husband reads this. *come home early*


I don’t really think that I’m the romantic type, don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t turn down a nice quiet night filled with dinner and flowers, but if it doesn’t end in sex I’m probably going to be disappointed. Yes, I’ve been told often that I’m like a guy when it comes to sex, but just because I tell you to get out and grab the money off the dresser when you’re done doing me, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I’m kidding, I don’t pay… just get out.


Told you, I’m in a fun mood today, in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’m probably going to send as many distracting text/sext messages to the hubby today, because sending nudes and dirty messages is just part of what keeps marriages alive. I highly recommend you try it, just make sure you’re sending them to the right person… trust me on this one… double check because the last thing your mom wants to see is a photo of your junk, so I’ve been told. Sorry mom.


What about you all, any big plans today? Did you even know it was Valentine’s day, do you care?


If you are struggling with what to say to that special man in your life, I find that this works:


And remember…





Like usual…. All of my photography can be seen bigger on Flickr, you know… in case you need to see me life size.  We both know Photoshop is my friend, so I try to keep the flaws to a minimum over there, but here’s a before and after, because… I’m not flawless in real life.



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52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 17


“My mind wanders and I get lost in thoughts of you.” Self-Portrait

The theme for this weeks photo is ‘Mirrored’.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a few days now. I love getting lost in thought. I do that often. Close my eyes and daydream, remembering moments, and fantasizing about new ones. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

I’ve gotta say, it’s difficult trying to keep a straight face when my husband is groping my boobs and trying to make me laugh. That….and having a boner resting against my back side. It happens. The things I have to suffer through for my art. No, no… don’t feel bad for me, I asked for it…over and over again. 😀


I love going through the photos after I take them and finding stuff like this. lol

“Type hard, like you mean it!”

poetry “Self-Serving”

self serve

Warm…..above duvet…..body so bare

Windows glass panes…..a heavy suns glare


Awoken from quite a delectable dream

Abruptly… warning…..sights unseen

A burning desire…..for release of steam


I gracefully sweep my hand

Across my rosey pink cheek

Open my eyes…..squinting

A brief moment…..a peek


Trailing my fingers along pouty full lips


Their manicured tips


Casting a sweet devilish grin


Familiar indulgence of sin


Drawing a path along my neck and collar

Like a lesson plan laid

Between Art teacher and scholar


My hands glide methodically to rising chest

Masculine visions of you

While caressing each breast


Slowly circling each petite peak

Kneading…..touching…..their round firm physique


A responsive demeanor

A touch…..just right

Pulling ever so softly

Till taut…..and tight


Falling downhill…..I travel…..head south

Quenching a thirst

Moistening…..ending the drought


Slowly skimming contours along my hips

In anticipation they rise

A standing ovation…..the perfect script


Like an architect’s sketch

Spine curved…..perfect arch

Legs…..bent at knee

As if ready to march


Signs of want…..unwavering

No urge to resist

Conscious desires

A pure ache exist


Light touches…..chill my inner thighs

Tingling sensations…..opening wide

Inviting myself… delve inside


Mind…..body…..thoughts align

Sinful images…..fluttering by

A Watchful eye…can be so divine


Matching…..a tempo

Keeping with pace

To the beat of my heart

From the expression on your face


Turned up lip…..from across the bed

Smiling… wink

Imploring to spread


Observing…..encouraging…..without a touch

to trace…..enter…..grab…..clutch


Directing me… if a Broadway play

I teasingly audition

No words to read…..or say


A private viewing

Your seat…..front row

Personal…..sensual…erotic show


Certainly not by luck…..or happenstance


Offering…..lovers dance


Rhythm…..faster…..pulsating beats

Biting down…..squeezing knees

Brought to edge…..clenching sheets

Gasping for oxygen

Lungs…..need of air

Intake of breath…..inhaling

None to spare


Holding…..reserving…..keeping it in

The finish line…..soon victory

Show……..and win


Moist eyes…..a tear

Taking no more

A whimper escapes…..then a slight roar


Trembling…..sated…..a little frail

Remembering how good it is

To finally…..exhale

poetry “Land of The Lost – Where the Gentlemen Live”


In a place long forgotten

Far, far away

Men are true

And live that way

The gentlemen there

Are born and bred

They admire your vision

But cherish your head

A land of respect

And values so high

Where morals have meaning

And ethics don’t die

It’s a place, that all men

Undoubtedly should explore

Where men are real men

And know to adore

Shaped and molded

From a different cast

Where promises are made

And made to last

Where doors are magically

Always held open

And words like “I love you”

Are easily spoken

They laugh at your jokes

They play and they tease

Make your heart patter

And weaken your knees

Where did I meet

My hubby you say?

He came from a place

Far, far away

poetry “Scent of a Man”



The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

And I wonder my dear
will you think of me by my scent in your beard

Will you remember the feel of my breath in your ear

I will think of you
our passion and heat

Will you think of me
on our crumpled up sheets

I will think of you
all the things that I miss

The taste of my arousal
when I kissed your lips

Will you think of me
and our sensual bliss

Will you think of me my dear
nothing on
completely bare

The way you caressed my neck
pulled my hair

I will think of you
the way you touched my breast

Will you think of me
head resting on your chest

I will think of you
my nails in your flesh

Will you think of me and stealing my breath

The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

I could breathe you in all day and night

I will think of you my dear
come back home
I’m here

poetry “The Life, My Life, My Love”

You are my husband

My man
My lover
My best friend
My everything

My go to person
Partner in crime
Shoulder to cry on

You put me on a pedestal
but keep me grounded

You give me highs
and accept my lows

You fill my days with laughter
my heart with love
and my hugs with open arms

You give me those stolen moments in time
You are an amazing thief

You keep me looking forward
You save me everyday from an empty future

You give me reason to breathe
yet you take my breath away

You make my heart beat
but more importantly
You make my heart stop

You own me
My body
My soul

You can’t take it from me
You would never try
I give it to you
I trust you
With every part of me

You are my husband

My life

The better half of me