photography ~ Anniversary


Self-Portrait 25/52



“She had a weakness for his hand on her neck and his words in her heart. Neither of which did she have the willpower to refuse.” -JmStorm


Twelve years ago today I met my husband in person for the first time. We started chatting online, via Today we are still crazy in love, he’s my best friend and when we are together it is non-stop laughter. It’s funny how things work out. Happy Anniversary to us!

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“Type hard, like you mean it!”



poetry ~ Rain ~



I’m sure there was more to it

as I glance back to that moment

when my mind and body decided to do their own thing


I remember the drive like it was yesterday

drops of water pelted against the windshield

sounds of swooshing from the blades


on the way

I had my doubts

an affair was never my plan

but there I sat


minutes passed

I meant to drive away


I was contemplating my next move

knowing nothing was right about what I wanted to do

but before I had the chance to go

you met me halfway


soaking wet

you were drenched

in summer scents

it didn’t matter what was said

the visions I had of us in my head

already crossed that line and instead

of turning back down the lane

we kissed


you smelled like rain

on a warm sunny day

your white cotton tee


exposing every ripple underneath

leading me to that V

cut just above your jeans

even though it wasn’t right

I had no will

or desire to fight

I peeled back every layer

every thread

towards the house

up each tread

in your bed


It was too good

to be wrong

that is how I sing the song

when people asked why I caused

‘him’ so much pain

I simply say

I couldn’t resist

you smelled like summer rain



poetry “Wedding Night”


You took me by surprise

Coming from behind

Arms around my waist

A devilish grin

You pulled me in

I love your warm embrace

A gentle kiss

I feel the stubble

Just below your lips

Hugging me

Pulling me

Tugging at my hips

A little lick

You take a nip

Breathing on my neck

Weakening knees

Hard to think

Fully we connect

A simple touch

Can say so much

You’re always in my head


A whisper

Follow me to bed

I take your hand

Fall in line

A kiss along the way

A playful glance

We start to dance

Nothing more to say



Intoxicating scents


Wedding rings

Never feeling tense

Very plush

A kiss to hush

Sheets beneath my flesh

Entangled arms

You start to charm

You take away my breath

A little moan

A simple groan

Your name is just a stutter

Strongly grasp

A look that last

Bodies start to shudder



Holding onto you

Special day

A perfect night

All because “I do”

poetry “Scent of a Man”



The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

And I wonder my dear
will you think of me by my scent in your beard

Will you remember the feel of my breath in your ear

I will think of you
our passion and heat

Will you think of me
on our crumpled up sheets

I will think of you
all the things that I miss

The taste of my arousal
when I kissed your lips

Will you think of me
and our sensual bliss

Will you think of me my dear
nothing on
completely bare

The way you caressed my neck
pulled my hair

I will think of you
the way you touched my breast

Will you think of me
head resting on your chest

I will think of you
my nails in your flesh

Will you think of me and stealing my breath

The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

I could breathe you in all day and night

I will think of you my dear
come back home
I’m here