Happy Valentine’s Day


“The thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways….” Self-Portrait


Hello there…


I must admit, I woke up in a fantastic mood! Feeling a bit frisky today, more so than normal. Can’t say it’s because it’s Valentine’s day though, because… well… so what? It’s just another day, and as much as I love being in love, and in lust, and having loads of sex…. today doesn’t provide any more of those things than a typical day would. Although I’d totally be on board with tons of extra sex today. Just throwing that out there in case my husband reads this. *come home early*


I don’t really think that I’m the romantic type, don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t turn down a nice quiet night filled with dinner and flowers, but if it doesn’t end in sex I’m probably going to be disappointed. Yes, I’ve been told often that I’m like a guy when it comes to sex, but just because I tell you to get out and grab the money off the dresser when you’re done doing me, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I’m kidding, I don’t pay… just get out.


Told you, I’m in a fun mood today, in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’m probably going to send as many distracting text/sext messages to the hubby today, because sending nudes and dirty messages is just part of what keeps marriages alive. I highly recommend you try it, just make sure you’re sending them to the right person… trust me on this one… double check because the last thing your mom wants to see is a photo of your junk, so I’ve been told. Sorry mom.


What about you all, any big plans today? Did you even know it was Valentine’s day, do you care?


If you are struggling with what to say to that special man in your life, I find that this works:


And remember…





Like usual…. All of my photography can be seen bigger on Flickr, you know… in case you need to see me life size.  We both know Photoshop is my friend, so I try to keep the flaws to a minimum over there, but here’s a before and after, because… I’m not flawless in real life.



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52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 36


“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen” Self-portrait

The photography theme for week 36 was ‘Nourish’.

Not only have I been slacking off on keeping up with this photo project, I have also dropped the ball on my workouts.  I was going strong, lifting weights, and working out everyday for over a year.  The last few month however, not so much. I can’t even see my muscles anymore. Waaaaaaaa.  I am slowly trying to get back into in.  I started back up a couple of weeks ago, was doing pretty good until leg day. I couldn’t walk for about a week after, I guess I over did it,  which also meant I couldn’t lift anything until I healed. Getting old sucks!

I still love drinking protein shakes though, I’ve at least been consistent with keeping those in my diet. I’m not a big meat eater (I can think of a ton of sexual jokes to add here), I can never get enough protein in, so I supplement when I can.   Here, I’m drinking a chocolate protein shake, but lately I’ve been sucking down green protein smoothies every day. Yum!

Talking about muscles, meat eating, not being able to walk, and sucking things down kind of put me in the mood for other types of nourishment. Anyone else? No?…just me then. Okay. Off I go to satisfy some other cravings. 😉

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52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 31


‘Venom’ Self-Portrait

The theme for my week 31 image was ‘Smoke’.

A few things happened this month.  I turned 42 on the 10th, and also this month marks the 10th anniversary of when I quit smoking.  Prior to that I smoked for almost 19 years, if you are good with math you’ll figure out that I started when I was 13 years old, you know…because I was cool.

I’d like to go back and kick my 13 year old ass. Now that I have a 13 year old daughter I find myself doing that thing, you know the thing, the thing that all parents do, try to save your kid from making all the same mistakes you made as an adolescent.

I’d like to think I have a great relationship with my 13 year old, we joke around a lot and have an open line of communication. No topic is off limits.

Most days when she’s leaving the house I give her a hug and add, “I love you, don’t do drugs, drink, smoke, or have sex. Have a great day!”  She rolls her eyes while laughing (in my head she’s laughing, it’s mostly eye rolls), and I giggle just hoping that what I say will stick with her.

I think I’m doing alright though. To take this photo I needed to have smoke. I asked my husband to stop at the store and get me some type of E-cig, or like the cool kids call it ‘vape’, or is it ‘vaper’? Shit, I’m so not cool anymore. My daughter was with with my husband when he went to purchase some, she was worried that this would be my gateway to smoking again.  The fact that she was so disgusted with the idea of smoking brings me some comfort.  For now I’m pretty confident she’s not interested in lighting up, chances are she feels the same way about drugs too.

I’m always preaching about how drugs, drinking, and smoking can mess you up, especially at her age. Now…as for the sex part, I have nothing bad to say about sex. Sex is amazing!!! Just not when you are 13! lol

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52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 23


‘Zen’ Self-Portrait

The theme for this weeks photo is ‘Minimalism’.

I’ve heard that doing yoga, and meditation, can enhance your sex life. Now, I’m not sure if that’s because you become more in tune with yourself, or if it’s because you get into all those sexy poses, either way….it’s worth a try. Let me know if I’m doing it right.


I am feeling a bit more in tune with myself. For example, I now know that I have zero flexibility.  I also have no doubt that once my hubby sees me in these super sexy poses he will be all over me. Rawr!

I think it’s working.

bow chicka wow wow’….

‘brown chicken brown cow’…

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52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 17


“My mind wanders and I get lost in thoughts of you.” Self-Portrait

The theme for this weeks photo is ‘Mirrored’.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a few days now. I love getting lost in thought. I do that often. Close my eyes and daydream, remembering moments, and fantasizing about new ones. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

I’ve gotta say, it’s difficult trying to keep a straight face when my husband is groping my boobs and trying to make me laugh. That….and having a boner resting against my back side. It happens. The things I have to suffer through for my art. No, no… don’t feel bad for me, I asked for it…over and over again. 😀


I love going through the photos after I take them and finding stuff like this. lol

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52 Weeks Of Photos ~2016~ Week 14


Animals in bed! Rwoar! ~ {Self Portrait}

The theme for this weeks photo is ‘night’. I contemplated going outside and taking photos to really capture the true essence of ‘night’, I quickly decided against it because it’s a pain in the ass for me. Getting all my stuff together, finding something to shoot, being alone in the dark. Meh! Not what I enjoy doing. Aside from all that, I go to bed stupid early, 8:30ish…..it’s still sort of light outside when I go. I’m old! That’s why. Shut up! It’s just a matter of time before I start eating my dinner at 4pm. Okay, I may have done that on occasion too.

I wasn’t going to stay up late just to go outside and struggle to find a photo op. I starting thinking about how ‘wild and crazy’ I really am. Going to bed so early, and being too tired to do anything after a certain time. True party animal here! *sarcasm font needed*

That train of thought led me to the above image. I like the contradiction of being animals in bed, but not in the good way. You know I mean sex, right?

When we bought our house 9 years ago we decided to change the four bedroom floor plan and convert it into three bedrooms.  We took two of the rooms, knocked down their walls, and made the Master bedroom….you know, because we weren’t going to have any more kids. Yeah…. well… we decided to have more kids. Hindsight.


For real!!

Now having four kids and only three bedrooms, guess where the little two kids sleep? In our room, where that other room used to be, only now there is no wall for privacy. Awesome, right? No!

So no, we are not animals in bed! Now…. the bathroom, garage, basement, kitchen, living room, car, and backyard are another story. We are animals there! Rwoar!


My wonderful husband! I love that dork.

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If You Are Faking It, It’s Your Own Fault. Say What?


“If you are faking it, it’s your own fault.”

My husband said that to me once and I was like, “listen a-hole, if I have to fake it- you are doing something wrong.”

But the more we laughed about it and spoke about it the more his idiotic statement started to make sense.

See – If you have to fake it, chances are your partner doesn’t fully know what you like or how you like it. I’m talking about a good relationship though, not a loveless one.  I’ve been in bad relationships and faking it was the quickest way to get things over with.  So if you are faking it for that reason, it might be time for a change in the relationship department.

My husband told me that if I fake it he will have no reason to believe that anything needs to change. I hate when he’s right.

I tried to view things from his point of view and I also thought about some of my past relationships.  Even though men don’t fake it…do they? Is that even possible?

So I compared some of the past lovers I’ve been with.  That’s not a nice thing to do by the way… comparing people, but I’m going to tread carefully here and compare for your benefit, that’s how much I love you guys.  I’m sure my husband will love knowing I’ve compared! Sorry hun.

To keep it simple I will say that each one of the men liked things handled differently. Some a gentler touch, others preferred things a little harder.  In some cases – more tongue, less tongue, teeth, no teeth, pull, tug faster, slower, hands, no hands– it’s really fucking confusing! You get the picture right? The point is, everyone is different, different things please different people.  So you need to communicate, because what one person will enjoy is going to be different from what the next person will enjoy.

I think some couples are so uncomfortable talking about sex that they just take what they get and never work at making it better. Me? I have no respect for personal boundaries and I’ve been all over my husbands body figuring out what he likes, doesn’t like, and what he really, really likes.

You need to view it as though you are the manager and your partner is the employee, if they aren’t doing their job well – chances are you failed when training them.

There's a meme for everything.

There’s a meme for everything.

So get over any inhibitions you may have, stop being shy,  and tell the person you are with what you like.  You don’t need to go all drill sergeant on them, unless you are into that crazy stuff, but there is nothing wrong with saying harder, faster or even slower from time to time.

And you know what, you still might not finish all the time, but so what? Don’t fake it to spare feelings – otherwise why would they work harder? You’ll end up screwing yourself, and I mean literally – because you know you’ll masturbate a lot more if you keep faking it. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that either. I consider it a hobby– but I don’t want that be my only source of pleasure.

And then there's always this.  If for no other reason, prevent this!

And then there’s always this. If for no other reason, prevent this!

Yes – There have been times when I don’t finish and it’s not because my husband isn’t a good lover, but sometimes it comes down to timing. You know those days, when company is on the way or you need to go quick because the kids are waking up.  It’s also good to be giving from time to time and just let them use you to get themselves off without worrying about your selfish needs.  That can be nice turn-on when you have to wait until later to get yours.

If you don’t want to speak up and tell them what you like, remember the best way to lead is by example, so I say put on a show and let them know exactly what you like by showing them.  I mean by touching yourself…..that was obvious right? I don’t mean buy a doll and point to the stuff you liked touched.  Okay…I just wanted to be clear.

I don’t know about you, but now I’m just horny!…….again……still.

Here’s what we learned today kids:

Don’t fake it.
Be a good teacher.
I consider masturbating a hobby, apparently.
And Sex is awesome!

So go….

Get out of here and show your partner what makes you feel good.

Why settle for anything less? Sex is good, but why not make it great?

And where the hell is my husband when I need him?  Guess I should work on honing my skills in the hobby department while he is gone. Wink-Wink. Okay…..I know that wasn’t subtle. FINE! I’m off to masturbate.  Geez….you guys don’t let me get away with anything.

“Type hard.  Like you mean it!”

“I want to kick your puppy while I wear a banana-hammock”. Sexting is hard…..Tips for Dummies.


I once heard that if you want to talk dirty and not sound like a complete idiot, that you should just say what you are doing at the time. So if you are kissing someone, you would say, “I love the way your lips taste,” etc. This sounds easier said than done. I mean you really could go a hundred different directions with this if you just say what you are thinking or doing.

“I feel your cold sore.”

“I love the smell of garlic.”

“I’m about to put my lips on yours and try not to think about you spitting in my mouth.”

Even with a simple thing like someone reaching into your pants, if you say the wrong thing the mood can quickly turn.

“Say hello to my little friend.” Men should not say this……neither should a woman, if a lady says this, you might want to look for an Adams apple.

Talking dirty is difficult enough, but sexting adds an entirely new element. But at least it gives you time to plan out what you want to say, so take your time. I figured out a way to sext and not be entirely awkward about it. I follow the same concept as talking dirty, but you text about your day instead, with a little creative editing of course.

Here’s are some helpful editing tips and sext suggestions.

“I’m on my knees thinking of you.”

Edited from.

“I’m on my knees thinking of you while I clean the piss off the toilet.”


“I’m so wet!”

Edited from.

“I’m so wet because I’m busy washing a sink full of dishes.”


“My nipples are hard.”

Edited from.

“My nipples are hard because it’s fucking freezing outside and you forgot to take out the trash.”


“Tea-bagging sounds like a good idea.”

Edited from.

“Tea-bagging sounds like a good idea, those warm bags will feel good on my puffy eye, seeing how I didn’t sleep…again…because you fucking snore”


“I’m going to suck you off.”

Edited from.

“I’m going to suck you off the couch with this vacuum, damn popcorn! dropped while watching the game.”

And remember that auto-correct is a bitch, so double check your sext before you hit send.

“I want to kick your puppy” <—- is an actual text I received from my husband. I was like, “What the fuck does that mean?”. It should have read, “I want to lick your pussy.”  Anyway, it turned out to be pretty funny thanks to a combination of not paying attention and auto-correct*.  My husband has been kicking the puppy ever since, I’m now a firm believer in animal abuse.


My husband never did say anything about a banana-hammock like my title implies though, but I just love that word. Banana-hammock, banana-hammock, banana-hammock.

Anyways….. If all else fails, send a picture of your boobies, men like boobies.

Then again, if you’ve been doing chores all day. You deserve a full body massage, or an uninterrupted nap, and some alone time…. after an orgasm from having your puppy kicked of course. Maybe a new husband, one that’s less of a slob and not such and inconsiderate fuck.

*Before you go typing “lick your pussy” into your iPhone to see if that would auto-correct. My hubby sent that message to me on an old cell phone using T9word, before iPhones–remember those days?….way back when.

“Type hard. Like you mean it!”

Me? Write a Guest Post?

Who me

While I have always enjoyed writing, I’ve never considered myself a writer, and I still don’t.  The world of blogging is new to me, not like I just learned what the hell blogging is, but having my own blog has been a new experience.  So I was surprised when I received an invitation to write a guest post over at www.funlovegoodsex.com.   While I was flattered, I was also left wondering if I would disappoint with what I have to offer in terms of advice.  Half the time I walk around clueless about everything, just acting like I know what the fuck I’m talking about.  However, once I started typing, I dove in and really enjoyed the process of writing with purpose.  It was nice to have a prompt and a reason to type. There are many days when my mind runs busy with ideas, but by the time I sit to get them out, they have either passed or just aren’t relevant anymore.

I had my husband read the article I wrote to get his advice on the content, and even though he thought it was good advice, he didn’t think I came across as being funny like I usually am.  So I left his ass…..but only for a few minutes to go to the store, I came back, but only for sex.  What can I say?….. I’m weak, and it’s really good sex.

So if you would like my “not real funny” opinion on “How to Get Your Wife to Want Sex With You”, or if you just want to see what I wrote, then show some love over at www.funlovegoodsex.com and read my post.  The site has some interesting advice on various topics.  I even learned what the term “pegging” means, which is not what I thought it meant.  Feeling inspired to share my opinions on the subject though, so stay tuned.


“Type hard!  Like you mean it!”

Masturbate or wait?

“It’s either you or me that I’m having sex with later.”

What’s wrong with that? Seems fair.

People have needs.  Masturbating is completely normal, healthy, and when done right…..amazing!

And let’s not forget the biggest pro.

You can be completely selfish.

Dear Dye ~ Should I masturbate, or wait for my partner to put out?

Just because you have someone willing to have sex with you from time to time, doesn’t mean that you should have to wait until the mood strikes them to feel satisfied.  There is no harm in taking matters into your own hands, especially if your partner is not on the same page as you.

Think of it like ordering an appetizer at your favorite restaurant.  Just because you are about to be served a steak dinner, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little with bread-sticks and salad.  It will keep your hunger at bay while waiting.

Just don’t overdo it and ruin your appetite.

When the main dish is brought to the table, you should still have a desire to not only eat it, but finish it. Wink, wink 😉


“When it comes to masturbating, there are two types of people, those that do it, and liars.”


“Type hard! Like you mean it”

Why she doesn’t want sex with you


I have had this conversation with a handful of men and women.  Usually the men are complaining about not getting it enough, and the women about not wanting to give it.

I’m am going to use the term ‘wife’ in this post but it really applies to your non-sexual, sexual partner, regardless of their label.

Dear Dye ~ Why doesn’t my wife want sex with me?

You are probably an asshole.  Have you considered that?

There are many different things that could contribute to you being an asshole.  I’m not just implying that for no reason.

This is an old debate, one that you no doubt already know the answer to. Men need to be nice.  Not just “I want sex” nice, but always nice.  Once you have crossed that line from being the nice guy to being the asshole– good fucking luck turning that around.  I’m not saying there is no hope for you, but I am strongly suggesting that, that might be the case.

Chances are, your wife used to want sex with you, but somewhere along the way you started expecting it.  Silly, silly man!

I’m not just talking out my ass, I’ve been on both sides of this fence.  I have always been a sexual person, I enjoy sex, need it and look forward to it.  I spent 11 years with an asshole, and stopped liking it, wanting it or needing it.  This isn’t a rant about me pointing out my Ex’s flaws, honestly…it is a bonus though, an enjoyable side effect if you will, but not the purpose of this post.

As a woman, I don’t want to be asked for sex all the time.  I don’t want to be harassed about it either or made to feel like it’s my job…my wifely duty.  I have that mind set, the more you ask for it…the less I want to give it.  Not sure why, but it’s like saying “can you wash the dishes?”, when I already plan on it–don’t tell me what to do.  I know my job.  Not that sex is a job, but I want to have it when I want, not when I’m told to.

This might be a relatable comparison.  You are on your way to take out the trash, your wife says, “hey, can you take out the trash”– now it feels like you are doing it because she told you to, even though you were on your way to do it anyway.  Who wants to be told what to do? not many people.

Some helpful tips:

Stop fucking asking for it.  I know what you are going to say, “If I don’t ask, I’ll never get it”.  That’s not true, but you can’t say “hey honey, I haven’t even asked for it in a month” or “look how good I’ve been, I haven’t even asked”.  That’s the same as asking and woman aren’t that stupid where they can’t see through your bullshit.  In the time that you are not asking for it, why don’t you try to do some nice things, like complimenting your wife.  Taking care of the little things.  Go build something!

Another thing that will not help your cause.  If your wife isn’t comfortable with her body, stop asking her to put on something sexy or suggesting that she wears something revealing.  Women have body issues and the last thing we want to do is have to explain it.  It actually makes women feel less sexy when they can’t wear what you want.

Have confidence, a man that whines or drones on saying things like “why don’t you want me?” or “don’t you find me attractive?” is incredibly un-sexy.  Grow some balls and be a man about it.  Most women want a man that is sure of himself, don’t confuse this with being an asshole.  There is such a thing as over-confident.

Now, that being said—some women just want to be taken.  Not raped, dumbass– but taken.  Treated a little bit more dirty, like you just can’t get enough of her.  Push her up against the wall and don’t ask, just do it.  Keep in mind though that you should be able to read the situation before you try this approach.  Women are ‘complicated’, so don’t try this approach if your wife is on her way out, in the middle of something that is important to her, just got all pretty to leave the house or if she is in a pissy mood.  Ya, good luck trying to guess which mood she’s in.

Depending on your wife, reverse psychology can work too.  Does she have low self-esteem.  Sadly this one works on me, I know who I am.

My husband has always told me that I’m out of his league, he makes me feel sexier than I really am.  At the same time, I hate when he says no to me.  I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but no one has ever said no to having sex with me (that does sound conceited).  Let’s face it, men will have sex with just about anything, at anytime.  So to hear no, is just a slap in the face.  Drives me up a fucking wall, I don’t like hearing no.  I will try everything I can to get him to say yes.  Now I don’t know if he does this on purpose, maybe he is some evil genius…muhahahaha.

My ex-husband always asked for it.  He would make me feel like that was my job and that is what I was put on this earth to do.  I got to a point where I just went through the motions but didn’t enjoy it after a while.  It became routine and annoying, I really did like the sex actually, but not with someone that was an asshole.

My current husband? No, not an asshole.  Nice to me all the time, and does the little things to make my days brighter.  Also, he doesn’t always want sex, which is probably why I always want it.  Come to think of it, I wonder if I pressure him? Ha! I don’t care.

So if you try all of these and fail, you are more than likely doing it wrong.  My suggestion would be to get her toys, then learn to jerk off.  Hey, I’m not a fucking therapist, were you expecting quality advice?

Good luck by the way.

“Type hard! Like you mean it”

poetry “Fuck Me! ~ Mature Conversation”


“What do you want?” you ask

“ladies choice”

that ‘is’ always the case

but I don’t want to be a lady

I want to lose my voice


no need for you to speak

wait till I’m through

I’m tired of nice  

of being….’made love’ to


there are times when days are rough

or when all hell breaks loose

when the only thing I need

is to be fucked by you


everything you give

has always been great

no different tonight

I just have particular taste


give me a hard time

like you did the other day

a little forceful play

while I try to resist

bound and cuffed

tied at the wrist


push me around

I’ll pay my fees

pull me down

knock me to my knees


get your hands in my hair

I just want to give

I need to be lost

to feel like I’ve lived


don’t be selfish

you haven’t so far

come take a taste

of how I get when you’re hard


while my hands are still bound

and stretched over my head

grab me

grip my thighs

and force me to spread


with fingers inside

and your tongue on the way

don’t stop or quit

just treat me like prey


come find my mouth

crash into my lips

a rough and passionate kind of kiss


when you’re finished the tease

bend me over the bed

so you can give it all to me

make me plead and beg


put your hands around my neck

when you’re grabbing from the back

pull me into you tight

offering no slack


and when you’re ready to give

give me ‘all’ you can give

I want to feel your grip

when I’m ready to drip

till my breaths are done

and I’m ready to cum


that’s what I want

what I want to do

no being ‘made love’ to


because tonight

all I want

is to be completely fucked by you


poetry “Self-Serving”

self serve

Warm…..above duvet…..body so bare

Windows glass panes…..a heavy suns glare


Awoken from quite a delectable dream

Abruptly…..no warning…..sights unseen

A burning desire…..for release of steam


I gracefully sweep my hand

Across my rosey pink cheek

Open my eyes…..squinting

A brief moment…..a peek


Trailing my fingers along pouty full lips


Their manicured tips


Casting a sweet devilish grin


Familiar indulgence of sin


Drawing a path along my neck and collar

Like a lesson plan laid

Between Art teacher and scholar


My hands glide methodically to rising chest

Masculine visions of you

While caressing each breast


Slowly circling each petite peak

Kneading…..touching…..their round firm physique


A responsive demeanor

A touch…..just right

Pulling ever so softly

Till taut…..and tight


Falling downhill…..I travel…..head south

Quenching a thirst

Moistening…..ending the drought


Slowly skimming contours along my hips

In anticipation they rise

A standing ovation…..the perfect script


Like an architect’s sketch

Spine curved…..perfect arch

Legs…..bent at knee

As if ready to march


Signs of want…..unwavering

No urge to resist

Conscious desires

A pure ache exist


Light touches…..chill my inner thighs

Tingling sensations…..opening wide

Inviting myself…..to delve inside


Mind…..body…..thoughts align

Sinful images…..fluttering by

A Watchful eye…can be so divine


Matching…..a tempo

Keeping with pace

To the beat of my heart

From the expression on your face


Turned up lip…..from across the bed

Smiling…..you wink

Imploring to spread


Observing…..encouraging…..without a touch

to trace…..enter…..grab…..clutch


Directing me…..as if a Broadway play

I teasingly audition

No words to read…..or say


A private viewing

Your seat…..front row

Personal…..sensual…erotic show


Certainly not by luck…..or happenstance


Offering…..lovers dance


Rhythm…..faster…..pulsating beats

Biting down…..squeezing knees

Brought to edge…..clenching sheets

Gasping for oxygen

Lungs…..need of air

Intake of breath…..inhaling

None to spare


Holding…..reserving…..keeping it in

The finish line…..soon victory

Show…..place…..and win


Moist eyes…..a tear

Taking no more

A whimper escapes…..then a slight roar


Trembling…..sated…..a little frail

Remembering how good it is

To finally…..exhale

poetry “The Other Side of the Rainbow”


~The Other Side of the Rainbow ~

If you haven’t been there yet

Start planning now

The line goes out the goddamn door

Where dreams are a farce and hopes are shattered

No fucking puppy dogs allowed

And you can leave your optimistic

Lemon drop

Lollipop shit

At home

You just need to find a way

Around all the flowery fluff and flashy sights

Make your way up two flights

Where the drinks are served in dirty cups

And no one gives a flying fuck

Take off your rose colored glasses and open those eyes

The people here, don’t make you feel little

They make you feel nothing

Like a heavy weight

Sucking the air out of your lungs, kind of nothing

They won’t even notice you

I wear my vice proudly like a mane

Used to intimidate

Ready to pounce

And claw

Ready to eat

I don’t want your pity

I’m here to forget

Like some mindless bimbo

Shit for brains

Looking for a fix

You think you could bring me home?

I’m not looking for any tricks

I don’t need a miracle tonight

But it will take more than three pumps

To bring me

Where I want to go

Willing to make a trade?

Maybe slip into my ruby paradise

And take me for a walk around the block

Get me out of this bubble

Of delusion

Before I pop

Beyond the heavy drapes of my emotions

Let’s go a few miles and get lost

Down the golden path of self destruction

On the corner of ‘Gone’ and ‘No Turning Back’

With the brick against my back

Get your fingers skipping

My juices flowing

And don’t forget the armour

No time for doubt or second thoughts

No love

No heart

Just get me high

Off the ground

Like a drug

Fulfilling my opium dreams

I need to be spun

With your evil sinister ways

Where the heat of your penetrating touch

Will leave me in a puddle of regret

Never waking

From this coma I call life

poetry “Scent of a Man”



The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

And I wonder my dear
will you think of me by my scent in your beard

Will you remember the feel of my breath in your ear

I will think of you
our passion and heat

Will you think of me
on our crumpled up sheets

I will think of you
all the things that I miss

The taste of my arousal
when I kissed your lips

Will you think of me
and our sensual bliss

Will you think of me my dear
nothing on
completely bare

The way you caressed my neck
pulled my hair

I will think of you
the way you touched my breast

Will you think of me
head resting on your chest

I will think of you
my nails in your flesh

Will you think of me and stealing my breath

The way your cologne lingers in my hair from your loving hug good-bye
Resonating thoughts of our afternoon delight

I could breathe you in all day and night

I will think of you my dear
come back home
I’m here