poetry “The Dachshund and The Sphynx ~ A Bedtime Story ~”


Now settle down boys

And hop up on the bed

A new bedtime story

It’s one I haven’t read

Calm down

Calm down

It’s one you’ll like, I think

It’s a story about friendship

called The Dachshund and The Sphynx

The Dachshund could remember

The day that they had met

Surprised that little kitty

Had never once been pet

He saw that she was hiding

And called her out to play

“Here kitty kitty”

Here kitty kitty

Please don’t be afraid”

A new friend, she thought

So she began to purr

But little puppy couldn’t believe

This kitty had no fur

Little puppy wondered

What happened to her clothes

And when he went to greet her

She kissed his big round nose

Little puppy asked her

“Do you have a name?”

But little kitty didn’t

She felt a bit ashamed

So puppy tried to cheer her up

and said, “how bout a game?”

Puppy knew that she was shy

And a little meek

But boy, oh boy

How her ears perked

While playing hide and seek

The puppy was a frisky boy

He barked and acted tough

Poking poor little kitty

He liked to play so rough

But as their friendship grew and grew

The longer they would play

They’d meet up in the barn at night

And frolic in the hay

One day while both were playing

And wrestling all about

Little kitty kicked her bowl

And made the milk spill out

“Naughty kitty!

Naughty kitty!”

Little puppy growled

Little kitty

Showed her claws

“Meow meow meow”

Little puppy liked the sound

Of little kitty’s mew

So he kicked his paw real hard

And emptied his bowl too

Now Willy dog the Dachshund

Had a gift for kitty Sphynx

So like his favorite flower

He named her Petal Pink

The two became inseparable

Joined just at the hip

Promised when each bowl was full

They’d always share a sip

Now Storytime is over boys

Let me tuck you in real tight

Since you’ve been so good for me

Your kitty can spend the night

Remember boys, like any kitty

with or without fur

Pet her hard and pet her good

To make her purr, purr, purr