poetry “~Suck~ A Simple Word”


Such a simple word with its one syllable sound

The way it lingers on your tongue before you utter its note

To the whispered breath you use to pronounce it

A hush vibrates as it pours from your lips

and in a hiss it brushes my ear

As your finger passes my kiss and I take it in

Slowly sucking

I pull deeper and push out

offering slight licks

Not knowing what you plan

The look in your eyes ‘hungry’

while I gently nip

Leaves me to wonder

where you will place its wet tip

Will you trace it along my neck?

Maybe play it along each breast

I can only imagine what you will offer me next

Perhaps you’ll circle around my waist

Eventually fall between my legs

Every image

Every thought

Has me on edge

Provoked by its simple one syllable sound

~ Suck ~

poetry “-Deep- Thoughts”


deep thoughts

My imagination and I

We are pretty close friends

His naughty ink flows through my pen


Dirty thoughts he feeds my mind

Pushing them

Thrusting them

Deep inside


Creative juices start to flow

Encouraging to suck

and slowly blow

The smoke that forms with spinning gears

To savor


and taste my fears


He leaves no option to play fair

He can be cruel

but I don’t care


He makes me laugh

at disgusting jokes

It causes me to gag and choke


I hear him at the back of my head

He makes me blush ten shades of red


On my tongue

just at the tip

The words he laid

begin to drip


Always around

He’s here to stay

I love it when he comes to play


poetry “Fellatio”



The way you lick my lips
Taking sensual nips
Pulling at my hips
Having the control you need
You grab me
Tease me
Take the lead
Do with me as you please
Imploring me to taste you
To lick the sweet, dewy bead
You bring the dirty to my knees
“Open wide” you say
“Take it all the way”
I give you what you ask for
Never question what you say
Vibrating a hum through my mouth
To the tip of my tongue
You pull me
Push me
Remove the air from my lungs
I move harder

You come undone